1. TomTheCat

    How you can get your money back if you gambled them at an online casino

    You need to be from Germany and played online before June 30, 2021. If you were unlucky in the online casino, you can recover money lost in court. In its judgment of April 11, 2022, the Berlin Regional Court awarded a player 211,330.24 euros. The online casino from Gibraltar operated gambling...
  2. Elin Dotsya

    My 10 Year Journey To Financial Independence (Work in Progress)

    Ok, it's actually almost 9 years so far, but 10 makes a much better title. First, I'd like to preface by stating that I'm a very lazy person. I am the living embodiment of Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan. Check it out, it's a fun anime. If I could get away with it, I'd sit on my butt and play...
  3. cheetahsop

    How to win a poll in a closed group

    There is a survey in a closed group. You have to join the group first and then you can vote. For now, we operate with advertising and a competition in exchange for votes, but the competition shows that it uses bots, is it possible?
  4. L

    want to get a new mobile some how

    Is there any website or anything where i can win a new mobile i never buy a new mobile in my life :)
  5. Flamingo1

    RON PPC Networ

    Hello, I Want to Sell my RON Traffic with Display Ads on PPC. Geo: DE, AT,CHF Which Network beside Google give the best Revenue ?
  6. O

    Become A Winner

    Firstly it s about online games do not expect a scientific article just try to get some info and get some fun :) In online games first you need to do is observing your opponent (doesnt matter PvP or PvE) doesnt matter what type of or how hard it is everybody or software got a style of play when...
  7. IG Pro

    [First 15] Giveaway Instagram Profile Review

    Hi everyone! Are you tired of doing hard work on instagram and without any big results? Well, then this giveaway is right for you! I am offering big & highly detailed presentation of your instagram account. This presentation is created by me and will be delivered within 48h. $100 - $250...
  8. technokid321

    Monetization of garbage traffic and just an extra BTC income

    Guys, I do not know how it is for you, but for me leads of 1-6 cents for the registration of some cheap GEO - a complete upset. I have long thought about how to squeeze more profit from such geo-impurities in my traffic and found 1. Go to 2. Register (use the bitcoin...
  9. K


    hello, i want you to help me for giving me a strategy or method for win 100 dollars or 200 dollars in 2 months i have free time because i don't study currently
  10. Sartanion

    Could this substitute even 20 vps?

    Hey! Not so long ago, I found out that on web, there are "windows emulators". It's like new framework on your pc, that you can work on, like vps from the same pc. NOT TESTED YET, only asking if this could work. Why should this be interesting? There is the idea - if you have old pc / ntbook...
  11. B

    How to Make Money by Selling Other People Products

    I win regulary some money using this method:
  12. J

    Any methods to win the lottery?

    Would really appreciate it guys.
  13. D

    [Long] Journey to Financial Freedom 10k per day.

    Hello, My name is Adam. I'm 20 yo right now, so I hope this journey will be a long journey. I will update everyday (if I'm still alive) on this thread, even it's just a report or wasting time things. I know IM things since 2013 but till October 2015 never made something BIG, because lack of...
  14. yordanov

    Affiliate with - who use it?

    If I make a website with hotel reviews or others and connect with aff program to will be winning way? Do you have some experience in that?
  15. Digital Plug

    [PLEASE READ] Dirty Disputes

    Recently I've dealt over $1,000 in virtual merchandise and to my surprise I wake up to a couple disputes due to "Unauthorized Payment" for over $700+ lossed. I have their confirmed address, if I send them a box with something random in it and provide online tracking information will I win? Or...
  16. R

    What frustrates me as a Newb to this fargin forum

    I can't even remember how I found BH in 2009. All I recall is I was searching for some info since I have been biz consultant since I could crawl, and I became obsessed with it. Reading all night long, buying useless items spun deliciously to tantilize my green eyeballs. Evident that there is a...
  17. M

    Taking Suggestions for a site long overdue

    I want to rank #1 for the term "family insurance" i own the .net I and currently building the site and would like to get an idea of who would be best to help in this effort. if you type it in google you see that the only real competition is the insurance company american family insurance... but...
  18. ferris

    Blog Seeker: Find that blog and win 20 Dollars

    Hi, i drop this because i'm desperate (not housewife, of course :D) A couple of years ago, i found a wordpress blog, with stunning graphic, about wild animals. It had a very personalized design. It had a frog like this in the header: And nice effects in category and menu. If you find it...
  19. T

    Derren Brown - Lottery Numbers

  20. D

    Im a newbie i need Some help, i have so what can i do with this site, help me

    hi my name is david bolman im from mexico, andi bought a site months ago and i dont know what to do, the direction is , so i need niche ideas,anything to do with this site, also somebody can help me to know how to index my site to google in the first position on google with how make...
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