1. E

    For websites owners with gif/photo/video content

    Hello everyone! Are there any site owners with GIF/photo/video compilation content here? There is a great opportunity to introduce a cool option to your websites. It's like a Video Shazam where users will find the source content from short videos/gifs/pics/scenes, etc.
  2. Lifeisnotgood

    How to edit Wordpress theme and to add a sidebar?

    Hellou I have this Wordpress theme in use. -> type to google -> hitchcock wordpress theme I like it, because it's free and it looks great :D But the problem is that, the Designer has deleted the sidebar and the below bar from the code. So i can't add any widgets or anything else to those...
  3. arberzylfiu

    Annoying problem with blogger, please help!

    Hey all. I am having a problem with a 'recent posts' widget I added on my blog. There are some numbers that appear on the posts and on the home page. I tried to find and remove them on the widget code, but I couldn't find them. Does anybody know any solution? Thanks! Here is a pic of the...
  4. arberzylfiu

    Need help with Blogger

    Hey all. I recently made a web with Blogger, but I need some help with it. How do you add the recent posts widget? I tried some I found on the web, but they were pretty bad and would mess the website's design. Also, how do I show ads between/in posts? I tried a method online, but yet again it...
  5. S

    Help needed (wordpress, widgets)

    I'm a newbie so I would be very grateful for some help please: Recently I started a website using wordpress and now I'm stucked inserting widgets (from adnow). My problems are that I don't know how to insert the widgets above and bellow a video (1) and before the video starts (2). Best regards
  6. D

    Is it widget necessary for mobile visitors?

    When i am using file mirror link I heard few times from some users that visitors who are on mobile or tablet can't finish offer on survey and unlock download? Is that true that visitors from mobile can complete survey and unlock download ONLY if you are using widget for download? I am asking...
  7. B

    EPN on free blog platforms?

    Hi, all! Could you tell me if eBay Partner Network allows to place their widgets on non personal (free blogging platforms) sites? Will it be violation of their TOS?
  8. I

    Question on Blogger Sidebar Widget Does It Exist

    I use blogger and have to manually enter the sidebar ads of my other sites and sponsors (avatar images) and resize them into little squares blah blah blah blah. It becomes a real mess. ( Unless I use another advertising company like Project Wonderful or some other ad company that will have...
  9. B

    Share Random Posts Widget For Your Blogspot

    Now I'll share to you a widget that will generate a random posts from any site you specified. And of course this script is made as small as possible so your website performance is not affected. Actually this widget for blogger blog but I think other platform are welcome too.. :D Here is the...
  10. W

    Recreation of Twitter App and Website

    I was wondering if you are capable of recreating the website, script, widget, etc from the website ( tweetburn ) There are several steps to this: 1.) Website - This is setup entirely in Wordpress 2.) Widget that can be customized from inside the site 3.) Setup the twitter API Let me...
  11. J

    How to put a content blocker on a link

    Does anybody know how to place a content blocker(with CPA lead) on a link, so that the widget doesnt pop up until the viewer clicks the link. And i dont want the widget to pop up on the next page after the link is clicked. any help would be great. thanks
  12. N

    WP-O-MATIC help!

    Ok, I've got my first autoblog set up. Excerpt style. However, I can not get a clickable "Go to Source" link at the bottom of the excerpt. I have tried a couple things I have read in my search, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help? Also, I am trying to find a way to put adsense in the...
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