1. K

    My keywords ranking shows question marks

    These keywords of my website were ranked when I searched on semrush before, but now the search shows question marks and the ranking of the entire website has dropped drastically. What happened? Is it related to Google’s update?
  2. exsomg

    ⚡ TrafficGate I White Page's for GADS / Facebook or other service

    Traffic Gate Bot I AI Generated White Page's for Google Ads / Facebook or other service. Get an uproar of approval for your ads. Our whites work great with Google / Facebook / Reddit Ads. ▪️ More than 40 unique themes to generate ▪️ Multilingualism ▪️ Add your own keywords ▪️ Fast generation...
  3. K

    Achieve organic traffic 550k in two years

    I found a website that was started in 2021. I checked on semrush today that its organic traffic has reached 550K, and the number of backlinks is also an astonishing number. How did it do it? The website is https://thesportsgrail.com/
  4. ensky

    How Many Articles Do you Prepare Before Publish the Site?

    Recently I got one point, before publishing your website, prepare at least 40 articles. The steps are: 1. Write at least 40 articles, and post them on the website. 2. After 40 posts are done, then change the robots.txt file, enable the Google Index, and submit the sitemap to Google Search...
  5. Harrrr

    How to know if an SEO action works. Ex: social bookmarking

    Hello guys, can someone point out to me a way of knowing if an SEO practice works. I'm still a newbie at SEO but some things look awful to me. For example, social bookmarking is something I discovered recently. The SEO agency I'm working with now does this but I highly doubt that thing works...
  6. udayantha11

    how to index web 2.0

    i have 5 different gmails. I have created 5 different web 2.0 for those. how to index those? should I log to each webmaster tools and index or anything else?
  7. M

    Hello World!

    Hi Everybody, I am new here, hoping to have fun here!
  8. O

    Chaturbate WL or GoDaddy?

    Every time an ad is clicked on my white label it opens a new tab but has a 20 second caution. I have not been able to find where to disable this. Should this be on chaturbates side or something i change on GoDaddy? Thanks.
  9. A

    Using GSA ser for high quality links??

    Howdy everyone hope you are all doing well. Just got started on bhw and looking forward to check out some of the content here and discussions. I am new to IM and always have heard bad things about GSA, is there a way to use this tool to create high quality t1 links. Can you insert your own short...
  10. D

    [Youtube SEO] Does posting videos with a future date of release affect SEO?

    If i we're to post for example 10 videos on a youtube channel and fill out all the descriptions annotations and such, but then set the release dates to be in the future to where they drop once a day, will this affect the SEO of the video and the visibility in regards to the keywords? Appreciate...
  11. Dexter Kohli

    Cool PDF or PPT Submission sites?

    Can someone give a list of a few PPT Submission or PDF Submissions lists? Cause the ones I found don't give a do follow backlink. Thanks in Advance!
  12. ssmk2401

    [hiring] I need white seo for my website

    I am hiring for white seo for my newly created webiste. I need someone who is expert and know what they are doing. Professional seo peopleo only Thank!
  13. K

    white westinghouse &#

    شركة صيانة وايت وستنجهاوس الاولى فى مصر نحن نعمل جاهدين على راحه عملائنا فى صيانة وايت وستنجهاوس بالضمان الشامل على الجهاز بالكامل 0235710008 // 0235699066 01220261030 //...
  14. M

    New Site, Done the basics, 80% SEO Score but not ranking yet

    Hi All I just created a new site almost a month ago, I've done all the basics mentioned in the sticky posts above and then some. submitted to google, bing and dmoz. All White Hat SEO Just did an SEO check with seositecheckup and was given a score of 80% but I'm getting about 0 - 10 page views...
  15. J

    New Website, Need HELP!

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to making BHW the forum it is today. I learned a lot in the past couple of months. Because of you guys, I have gathered up the courage to start a small internet business and a couple of months down the road I have 3 small businesses...
  16. C

    Will this work?!

    Hello! I have made a website in which you can create memes in under 5 seconds. I know that the market in over saturated with meme websites, but do you guys think that I will have a chance to rank in the first page, and since my website is a "virgin" when it comes to SEO, what do you guys think...
  17. PreacherJesse

    About RSS submissions

    Hello fellow internetlings! I am a link builder for a B2B company and our team is thinking of using RSS submissions as a way to increase the traffic on our site. Our company site has just been revamped and we lost like 40% traffic. Yes, very sad for us. A few questions though: 1.) Is this...
  18. T

    White Hat SEO Checklist For New Sites - Video

    Here is a link to an SEOmoz video about what to do from an SEO perspective when building a brand new site. The stuff is all "white hat" and very useful for newbies. You can get into black hat techniques once your site has aged and established some kind of authority. Apologies if this has already...
  19. M

    Ecommerce site looking to improve ranking and targeted traffic with Budget PAID

    Hey fellow blackhatters, Newbie here. I have a unique oppertunity out there for someone motivated but also knowledgeable(which is most here). I thought, what better place to come to then BH forums. Here is what we have. A 5 year old ecommerce site which has recently been redesigned and...
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