white hat seo tools

  1. creatorsaurabh001

    Malware affecting my SEO and Adwords

    Hi, I started AdWords campaign for my website fees days back. For 7-8 days my ad was live but CTR was very low and suddenly yesterday my ad got disapproved by google. This was caused because of malware detected on my site. I don't know from where they came. Even I lost my rankings from position...
  2. amanwaa

    SEO tool that really worked for your website

    Search engines try to give their users best results over the internet and in order to do that they create some special criteria to classify websites or web pages based on their relevance. Google ranks top in the world and its criteria for the ranking website is the most complex one. tell me more...
  3. Joker7448

    Need Help!!!! Comment Fast!!!

    I need help from you guys for this topic. Kindly help me out I wanna know how can I drive traffic back to my website after an average time completion on my clients website. For example I sent traffic from abc.com ( my website ) to xyz.com (clients domain ) and hold traffic for 30-60 seconds and...
  4. ergoprime

    Problem With AMP and Webmasters Tool

    Hi, I don't know if this forum is the right location to ask my question, but AMP boosts your ranking dramatically and therefore it's kind of relevant. I hope someone can help me: The search engine console is showing me the following error on some of my AMP-Sites: "From User Created...
  5. Holzr

    What's your go to KW research tool?

    Hi all Currently using KW finder now and I'm actually quite a big fan. Just interested in finding out what you guys use for keyword research (mainly Long Tail) as I'm looking to perhaps trying a few other services.
  6. R

    How to create backlinks ?

    Hi, Can anyone explain what is backlinks and how to create it ? In a white hat method please. What ever i tried they called me :(spammer. something that i do not like to hear at all. How all of this online business out there managed to achieve high-quality backlinks ?
  7. 1

    Is white hat seo DEad TODAY if you dont have BUDGET?

    Do you think white hat seo is Dead ? & only Paid tactics works What should i do to gain huge DA,P,TF for my blog Share-ask.com if i dont have any budget Becoz i started my blog with white hat seo in mind & now i only see very rare opportunity Please review my blog & suggest me what...
  8. mrorzio

    SEO Proposal TOOL - That is Easy and Works

    I have searched this forum and others for a smooth, easy, quick, great, nice, etc.. proposal tool. I have used most of them. Wanted to share one I found that actually took me 15 minutes to set up and generate a very professional proposal. it comes with a 14 day free trial. the site is...
  9. Aaman

    Which You Prefer in White hat SEO ?

    Hello everyone If you are Optimizing a website or a blog what will be your best opinion for the White hat SEO. 1) Link Building 2) Guest Posting 3) Directory Submission 4) Commenting 5) Social Bookmarking OR you will choose Digital Marketing :biglaugh:
  10. codeman1234

    Want to start SEO from 0

    Hello, I am starting SEO from 0 on a blog I am opening today, I just finish the SEO on page (all meta tags, alt tags, etc) and my question is very simple, what are the steps to follow to do the off page SEO correctly and what tools to use are recomended to create a good SEO that will grow...
  11. blackma

    Whole Site Backlinks vs. Page Backlinks, and some other advice needed...

    I want to rank for a keyword. I have done some KW Research and have analysed the comp. Now the pages that are ranking for the keyword have very few page backlinks but the links for the whole site, in each case, are 100k+. None of the sites have keyword as their domain name and overall the...
  12. incomefast

    [FREE] Submit Your Website to 1000 Directories and webiste and get index in Goolgle

    Hi, I found some website to get backlinks and specialy for new Domain. Submite your domain name and get indexed in Google same Day. http://www.megafoo.com/free-links/ http://marketingblogonline.com/autobacklinks/ http://www.backlinkgenerator.net/...
  13. U


    I just found this, and thought you guys might find it useful. If it is even half as good as it looks, it will be awesome indeed. And It's FREE! Get it before they change their minds! http://www.masternewmedia.org/add-multimedia-links-and-embeds-to-your-website/
  14. SunTzuX

    Reverse Google Index Tool/Site like SEODigger

    As some of you probably know, SEODigger is gone. Since it shut down I've been scowering the net looking for a replacement, to no avail. The site owners have opened another site called SEMRush, which I signed up for but it's more like a keywordspy clone then anything else. While their...
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