western union

  1. Crypto Marketing

    Visa, PayPal, Western Union Among Fall Flurry of Crypto Trademark Filings

    https://decrypt.co/113144/visa-paypal-western-union-among-fall-flurry-of-crypto-trademark-filings Exciting big names in the list. It will be crazy if these trademarks turn into actual products. According to Visa's fillings, the firm is contemplating a "cryptocurrency wallet," describing it as...

    Need suggestions. please help.

    Hello all bhw beautiful souls. i am facing problems in sending money to Philippines from India. My only option is paypal and skrill for now but everytime i need to send someone money i ask them to create an account on PayPal or skrill. i can't use bank wire nor western union or money gram...
  3. daimaku

    help, western union and payonner question

    hello, i'm trying to figure out how to send some money that i have on my payoneer card to argentina. i have a friend that has a already verified western union online account, can i give him my payoneer card details to let him add it to fund source and send my money to argentina ? i don't want...
  4. daimaku

    send money using western union question?

    hello, i'm from venezuela, i need to send some money to argentina using western union. i have registered on the western union site with the address and phone of a ship carrier that i used when i buy from amazon to send the articles to venezuela. i verified the account with the number i got in...
  5. daimaku

    how to send money from payoneer to western union?

    hello, i'm from venezuela, i have some money in my payoneer account and i need to send it to a friend of mine in argentina, i checked on google and i found a support ticket in payoneer, that said you can transfer money from payoneer to western union using the online service from western union...
  6. virtualpurity

    Western Union Announced that will use XRP - Ripple

    Centralized or not, ripple is growing. When XRP will officialy be used for transaction after the testing period i think the market cap will get much higher than what it is and even bypass ETH at the second position...
  7. Tbrook01

    Question About Money Transfers

    If a friend of mine starts sending me money via Western Union (between $500-1000 a week), are those transactions going to be reported for tax purposes? Just curious if I need to be concerned about a paper trail catching up with us, or if 1000 a week isn’t really enough to turn heads. Will our...
  8. M

    Have I gone too far with Western Union?

    I've been receiving payment through Western union, more specifically, picking up cash from local agents. I use a citizens card which is a government issued photo ID (but let's just say I didn't get it issued by the government). Recently one of my payee's called up W.U to validate a transaction...
  9. A

    How to send money from India to Bangladesh

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to send money from India to Bangladesh with giving less commission and it should be reliable. what's the minimum charge it would take for sending the money? Please suggest some sites or reliable source.
  10. E

    Need proper advice on moving my funds (secure / anonymous) ***METHODS***

    Right now i'm currently looking at two different methods. If anybody wants to add anymore or add on to one of mine, please do! So, currently i'm looking at two different methods: 1) Paypal ---> VIRWOX ----> ________ -----> WU 2)Paypal ----> Amazon Gift Cards -----> Email (with vpn) -----> WU...
  11. D

    Western Union India

  12. M

    Will I have to pay tax?

  13. R

    How To Protect My Indentity

    I want to start a website. I plan on receiving payments from this site via CCBill or Epoch (unless there's another recommendation). For various reasons I do not want my identity to be revealed. I'm NOT doing anything really bad like kid porn or anything, more like DMCA possible content, I'm just...
  14. H

    Wire transfer from india - possible?

    Hello, Let me start by explaining my issue. I need to send money to a wholesale dealer in hong kong and china. I have only his bank account information and they don't accept any other mode of payment like paypal or anything. Now i need to send money to his bank account. the main thing is i am...
  15. N

    Get 500 Followers on Twitter - Offer

    Hi! This is my first post so i know that you are not going to trust me... So I have made a special offer for a Black Hat World Member who will be randomly selected. - I need a months subscription to Skype ( 60 minutes for one month - United Arab Emirates )but I don't have a credit card so...
  16. Z

    Buying XRumer in the USA

    Well BHW I have a problem that alot of people might envy. :-) I've been trying to give away $540 all day to buy XRumer with no success. According to Botmasternet they only accept Paypal, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, and Western Union. For Payal they wait 7 days to deliver the Software - I...
  17. L

    western union question

    I dont know if this is the right section, but here is my quesiton. We are trying to set up a business western union or money gram account where people from all over the world can pay our account and we get the cash. Does anyone have any experience they can share in this if its possible and if...
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