1. socressor

    ShirtyTool Idea - T-Shirt Business

    Hello, everyone, I have been very active in the T-shirt business lately and have been thinking about how to automate my daily work. Currently I am only active in the Spreadshirt area, but that will change soon. Therefore I built myself a small webtool that captures my designs for upload...
  2. blackma

    Black Hat World Toolbar

    I would love a BHW toolbar to search the forums with. I find I spend most of my time reading threads that 'catch' my eye and not the threads where I am actually searching for information. A little inconspicuous toolbar at the top of my browser would be good for me. Do you agreez?:)
  3. M

    Need advice for a webtool related site

    Hello friends, i am newbie to this board but i am spending some time here by searching and reading articles, advices by many members at BHW. But before starting, i need some advice from you guys. I have a website offering webtools like email ids, whois, tinyurl stuff. Traffic is not much its avg...