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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Hello friends, i am newbie to this board but i am spending some time here by searching and reading articles, advices by many members at BHW. But before starting, i need some advice from you guys. I have a website offering webtools like email ids, whois, tinyurl stuff. Traffic is not much its avg 2,173 unique perday major from US, Poland, UK (source-mint installed last week). Traffic source is mainly from various board mostly adult, warez who maily use these type of tools and almost half from google, yahoo only. no msn traffic.

    And about earning, its not stable. Some time its just in cents, some day in dollars and once about a year back i made $90 a day :p just from this site only.

    So, how can i improve it and earn some bucks from these. How can i add more contect maybe with autoblog and stuff but again what can be added to this type of site.
    Thing is i don't wana quit on this project, the only hope one it generated $90 a day, it can again do the the same and hopefully atleast half of the amount will be stable.
    Last year, i tried adwords also but not results. Now, planing to implement BHW methods .. maybe it will show some +ve results.

    Thanks all for your suggestion and for your time :)