website speed optimization

  1. R

    Looking Search Page Speed Optimization in PHP website

    Hello, I am accessing a large data from my PHPMyAdmin database and it cause my search page working slow. I am looking a professional PHP programmer who knows how to speed up the search page and optimize the existing search query code. This is not the WordPress website so do not message me! More...
  2. SpeedyWordpress

    ✅ Boost Your Website ✅ Core Web Vitals ✅ Speed Optimization ✅ Google Page Speed ✅ Get Higher Ranking ✅

    Note: You can purchase plugins such as WP Rocket or else, we can use a nulled one.
  3. T

    Wordpress Loading Speed - HELP

    Hi I got a new WordPress website and the loading time is crap. Need someone here to help me, before I go to Fiverr lol :) It's basically a short funnel, where I sell a digital product. Message me for more info. thanks S.
  4. noellarkin

    Fastest Theme I've Ever Used

    I'm using Generatepress for most of my sites, and it works great. However, for a few of those sites, I'll be shifting over to this one I found today: Test it out. It's beautiful, and scores perfectly on gtmetrix and other web speed tools.
  5. prey24

    Speed Boost Your Website ⭐Complete On-Page SEO ⭐Speed Optimization ⭐Get Higher Rankings ⭐

    Ecomtancyweb brings the ultimate website optimization service for you. We will fix your website speed and also optimize all the on-page components mentioned above. FAQ How much speed improvement I can expect from your service? We try our best to make your website as fast as possible, at least...
  6. Starblazer

    WordPress sites with Adsense on shared hosting can load within 2 seconds on Mobile devices

    Adsense is a performance killer for Wordpress sites. One of my websites on shared hosting used to take over 10 seconds to load on mobile devices. I tried everything but Adsense doesn't allow site to load until the ads are loaded. The latest Adsense code cut the loading speed by half. It combined...
  7. W


    Kindly contact on black hat world first before placing order, just to be careful of imposters, If you add me on skype or any other listed platform please msg on black hat world for confirming my identity.
  8. LatestPhoneZone

    Is there a better way of implementing AMP?

    My Amp page through the amp plugin looks urgly and I don't know much about coding. Is there a better and simple way of implementing amp with just HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes and get exactly the design as the non amp pages.
  9. Nody Khan

    LCP and CLS Improve

    Hello, Recently I made a website that LCP and CLS are very low in mobile Please help me to improve these things I am using WordPress so if any best plugin available then let me know for improving it Please check the screenshot for a better understanding Thank you in advance
  10. F

    Core Web Vitals issues even though Mobile Score is around 95-100 and Desktop score 100

    Hi All, Looking to get some advice hopefully someone on here knows how to resolve these issue. when i check my sisters site against google's website speed test i get the below results ( screenshots ) but for some reason when i go into google webmasters tool its failing still. not sure if...
  11. speedie

    Boost Website Speed ⚡ WordPress ⚡Custom CMS ➤➤➤ 90%+ Rating [Google Page Speed Insight & GTmetrix]

    Boost your website speed to 90%+ ratings [Google Page Speed Insight & GTmetrix]. Speed up both desktop and mobile versions of your website, with advanced technical SEO. What we do (all-in-one): Reduce image size without losing the quality. Scale the Images according to the display size. Delay...
  12. M

    Need Help To Solve The Ezoic Site Speed Trouble

    Hi Guys, I am using Ezoic for quite some time, earning wise they are good and their support is also top-notch. But the site speed is what they can't able to solve. My website takes 13 to 15 seconds to load. Without ads I have a Gtmetrix score of 90% and with ads, it is 53%. I am using A2...
  13. CyberShakti

    ⏰⏰ Professional WordPress Speed Optimization Service- Boost Your Website Speed Now ⏰⏰

  14. sparkh

    [Guide] Incredibly easy and effective wordpress site speed optimization

    Optimizing a wordpress site can be a nightmare for many, especially newbies. But power of wordpress is in it’s community and the many free and awesome plugins you can use. Today I will tell you how you can get A grade in this straightforward guide! Plugin needed Wp Supercache Phastpress Cache...
  15. RealDaddy

    [Ebook] Achieve Loading Times Under 1 Second

    Download - Virustotal- Thanks, @Dwivedi 98
  16. D

    Need help with improving Google page speed

    I am trying to improve my google page speed score for website mobile version and desktop. The current score for the mobile version is 23 and desktop is 77 and I want them to get to over 80% I need someone to help me fix my errors on my website/blog from the google page speed audit. If anyone...
  17. nazmulfeni4

    ✅ [500+ Orders ] ✅ Guaranteed ★★ Wordpress Speed Optimization To Rank Higher In Google ★ [50% Off] ★

    Review Copies Available For Quality Testing ✔ Some Important FAQ: 1. Do we need to make payment before starting the optimization? A. Yes, 100% upfront payment is required. 2. What kind of report will we get and in how many days? A. You will deliver the complete report in before and after...
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