website performance

  1. noellarkin

    Why Is The Modern Web So Bloated?

    I just completed a web check-in for a flight. The site was taking a while to load, so I checked out the network tab to see what HTTP requests were being made. Its a mess - - for example, the website has no social features whatsoever, it's a payment processing subdomain, and it seems to be...
  2. Billy Batts

    Any questions about optimization? Fire away! (and my own results)

    This thread is more towards people that also enjoy webdesign and are also somewhat too focused on optimization like me :D When I picked up webdesign again a few years ago I've had a real OCD time when it came to website performance and optimization. It got to a point I just had to accept...
  3. davids355

    [Guide] How to improve the speed of your wordpress website

    I had the opportunity of speaking with Google site speed optimization team recently in order to optimize one of my websites in terms of load time and I wanted to share some tips that I picked up from them, as well as some tips that I was already using. Why website speed is important Everyone...
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