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  1. TheGreyMatter

    [GUIDE] How to Speed Up Your Website to Load Twice As Fast in 30 Minutes!

    I see a lot of threads asking people how they can load their website faster? Does it affect their SEO? Does it improve their sales? Does it help in getting more traffic? Well, let's put an end to all those questions by giving it a try yourself and you shall find all the answers. Recently, I...
  2. Billy Batts

    Any questions about optimization? Fire away! (and my own results)

    This thread is more towards people that also enjoy webdesign and are also somewhat too focused on optimization like me :D When I picked up webdesign again a few years ago I've had a real OCD time when it came to website performance and optimization. It got to a point I just had to accept...
  3. L

    SEO Roadmap

    I just want to write this roadmap for those who are really struggling to get top rankings in Google for their website or get into the 3 pack for local businesses. The thing is SEO follows a kind of method where Google looks at things being natural to their terms (ranking factors). Who knows...
  4. Yanka

    New member

    Hi everyone, I'm new here looking forward to learn SEO tips and how to make money online
  5. cosmo89

    Looking for someone who can optimize my site and bring back to life

    Hi, I have DA-41 site with 500 articles, and i couldnt work on marketing for past 1 year so all links need some work. Also there are some spam links as well. I need someone to make this site as fresh as possible. We can discuss about the fee in PM.
  6. davids355

    [Guide] How to improve the speed of your wordpress website

    I had the opportunity of speaking with Google site speed optimization team recently in order to optimize one of my websites in terms of load time and I wanted to share some tips that I picked up from them, as well as some tips that I was already using. Why website speed is important Everyone...
  7. amandine

    A Good alternative to pagespeed and pingdom

    Hi there, just foud this today while optimizing some wordpress themes. Their tool is probably more accurate than pagespeed and pingdom and the site seems really relevant ... And, since it's not as popular by now, the site isn't overloaded ... Not my site ofc but I think it's a great share ...
  8. Q

    Suggestions for a newly developed training website

    We newly developed a training website .what are the best ways or techniques to rank high in SERP in 2017
  9. healzer

    Conversion Rate Optimization software | A/B testing tool | Scale your business now!

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  10. W

    White hat SEO for a Hi there, I need seo required for a small car rentCar Rental Website

    Hi there, I need seo required for a small car rental agency (2 websites: 1 with English content and the other with Romanian content, for & The domains are 11 years old with Pr 4. Also, need someone to create mobile-friendly pages for these 2 websites and to optimise...
  11. C

    What email templates would be effective in approaching website owners ?

    I use this template for example to approach website owner , that i would like him to promote our casinos on a REVSHARE/ Cpa deal Please give me advises/ remarks & i if there was such kind of email sent to you & looks effective i would be happy id you send it to me .. Subject: Business offer...
  12. C

    Casino reviews/ blogs website owners ? I need your advice

    I am an affiliate manager at a gambling company & looking for affiliates, to promote our casino brands through cpa / revshare attractive deals . I have approached many affiliates / casino related website owners, but even the minority of them who did answered , were already full of casino...
  13. makemecash

    On-Page SEO Optimization/Ranking [Advanced Tutorial]

    I was debating whether to take the time to share this since most people on here I'm sure won't really understand what I'm saying (no offense). We spend a lot of time talking about off-site SEO with backlinks, as well as on-site SEO with keyword dispersion and density along with navigational...
  14. H

    Website Onpage Optimization

    Hello BHW, I`m looking for someone who can help me with my onpage optimization. The main problem that i need to solve is the loading speed but a SEO expert will now exactly what other things need to be done so i`m searching for that guy. The website is PHP coded. If you think you can deliver...