website basic help

  1. maxedgames

    Complete Guide On WORDPRESS!

    I have used wordpress for about 90% of my personal websites & also my clients websites, wordpress is a very powerful platform and yet extremely easy to use and operate, even if you know nothing about it. I have decided to create a full complete guide on using and familiarizing people with...
  2. alterego888

    When to use animation website vs. site with different loading pages?

    What factors go into deciding when to use an animation website (one with one page when you click a menu item it automatically scrolls down to that selection) or when to use a standard website as when you click a menu item it loads a new page?
  3. seotechlab

    How to remove backlinks of a website ?

    What are the ways of removing backlinks of a website ?
  4. E

    Need website tips!

    I have been working on my website "www . GalleryRoulette . com" and i need a little bit of help. What can i do to increase website views, i have about 10 facebook pages that i use to share my site on its about 500k+ in facebook likes. The site is still under construction but its almost done. I...
  5. S

    Help or Suggest me a problem resolver- Website Scraper

    Hello Bhw! I want your help or a suggestion about a php script or something. I want to know if there is on web a software or a php script that will do this. 1. Somewhere i put a link to a website and that script will scrape all the data from him and export it to a xml or a csv file [ o will put...
  6. J

    Buying a website for $$$

    Hello, I have an Adsense account and I wants to create a new website or buying yours website. Anyone here know how to create a website of .com I will pay not webs or similar website which will be free. Please help me. Thanks
  7. J

    Need a small help

    I have created a website using webs. com And I have a Adsense account. How to add that website to Adsense? Please help me Thanks BHW members
  8. B

    legit details or fake details on domain

    Hey guys, I'm currently new to cpa and wanted to know if you put your real details when signing up for a domain, I know it may sound like a real noob question but im moving from cpa/ppd-YT-Blogger to cpa/ppd-Multiniche website. In my opinion I think it would be fake details,specially if your...
  9. V

    Wordpress help

    Can anyone help me out in adding a WP page which just asks for fields like name, email id, twiiter id or ffacebook fanpage link and description. they should have checks like correct email. these details shud be stored by wordpress in a table. any plugin does this ?
  10. V

    Need help in setting checkout option for my soought cial n/w site ..

    Hi I bought a social media selling site, which sells FB fabs, twitter followers, etc. The buy now button is linked to paypal shopping cart and directly takes the buyer to paypal checkout page. This way I can easily get the money transfer but I need a middle page which should ask for...
  11. C

    How often to Update my website ?

    Hi guys, How often you think is best to update my website (twice a week, once...etc)? Thanks, C
  12. H

    {HELP}Got a domain and a host, need candid advise

    hello fellaz, i got a domain and host i registered last year, dont really know what to start doing with this right now, i sure know there are many methods out here in BHW but seriously am confused right now, at a point i even wanted to give up on all of this but i have i strong feeling that IM...
  13. ramtripper

    Please Help! Can't Add PHP Rss Feed to HTML Page For Better Optimization

    Hey guys. Have a problem. My site is made with html. All pages except the blog - which is in wordpress. How do I make my front/main page have a feed from my blog. I know I need to use PHP - ive done hours of research and tried many things for this but nothing worked. I also know I need to...
  14. darcyl1210

    Desperate request of a website review and blunt critisizm

    I created this website generically because we are not allowed to advertise according to our terms of service. Please give me any comments or suggestions or flames or whatever - but please be honest so I can correct it and gain white hat or black hat seo rankings.
  15. soulless1

    Web help!! Pls

    I paid someone to do my site, they ended up not finishing the job and now i9 cant even update! BAD BUSINESS. I did some research and when im using filezila and go to my index.html is blank? I have look every where! Can some one please help! I will compensate for your time! thanks
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