How often to Update my website ?


Jan 3, 2011
Hi guys,
How often you think is best to update my website (twice a week, once...etc)?

once a month for established site. Good Quality

Pretty much this.

When I start a new blog/site, I update it on daily basis for the first week or two, then reduce to every other day, then just couple times a week, weekly, every other week and finally monthly. This is most likely a bit overdoing it, but I like to have something to do every day - and you can't really have too much of quality content anyways :p
Depends. I have niche sites with low-medium competition which I update once a month, and also have an authority brand site which I update 3 times a week.
Study your top 10-20 competitors and check their posting frequency / site update frequency. The amount of content required to rank is very different from niche to niche and further complicated from keyword to keyword.
update your website at least twice a month, if not more often.
or you should devote at least 30 minutes a week to updating your website, it will be easier and more productive.
G has eyes and ears everywhere.... what I mean by that is consistency is key. What ever schedule you can cope with do that. Just make sure you are consistent since the freshness factor is dependant upon your previous publishing profile.
It all depends on why you are doing your site. If you are doing it as a hobby trying to figure out how to make money online, by all means choose the least number of times to work on your site and you will do just fine.

If you are really serious about making a living of the site, you have to take as seriously as a business. Imagine if you went to a 711 and all it had were 3 items? Would you buy there or leave?

A lot of blackhatters say they make lots of money from their 5 page websites. Talk to them after 6 months and they are complaining about google panda, penguins and all sorts of animals. A thin site means lower than possible revenues. A larger site means more work but you can expect your income to increase.

So how many times? It's your choice. I do 3 a day consistently. I even ask other bloggers to add their own articles. The results cannot be doubted. Never once have I seen a drop in earnings from the previous month and I'm not going to let that happen because of listening to the crowd on black hat forums.
I am doing white seo with a website about binary options....i have published 60 long and uniques articles in 20 days... targeting the words "binary options" ... i do seo with title, description tag, meta tag, and i send the url to google....
o you think i will get soon a good ranking?
That depends on your niche competition if its a tough one keep updating it very often if it is low on competition then you can give it a gap of 2 - 3 days.
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