1. X

    Web host for ecommerce

    I had problems with my old hosting provider – not enough security, and constant hacking. I run an online store for vaping and tobacco products, and some items aren't fully regulated in our country. Can you recommend a reliable web host that's good for SEO (since I can't use ads), with fast speed...
  2. homeriscool

    Webhosting Question: Siteground vs Cloudways (Choose 1)

    OK guys, I need your help. I have hosting with Siteground and hosting with Cloudways. I have multiple websites. 12 of my 15 websites need email. I want to put all of my websites on 1 hosting account and simply my life. Siteground renewel is expensive. But they have built in email. Cloudways...
  3. Rollfic

    Anyone used HostBuddy?

    Their premium package seems too good to be true https://www.hostbuddy.com/hosting_plans
  4. Wagggi

    Namecheap stellar plan alternative?

    Hi, I want to host a website with around 5k Visitors per Month. I read that the Namecheap Stellar Plan is really bad so im searching for an alternative. Does anyone has a recommendation for me :-) ? The Hosting Plan It should be cheaper / better than Namecheaps hosting
  5. kurosaki4d

    Redirect pages of root folder to index and pages of subfolder to index of subfolder

    As the title says, i have the root directory that contains pages and i have another directory that it's called mobile. I would like the pages that are inside the root directory to be all redirected to index.php in root, as for the mobile directory i want all the pages inside it to be redirected...
  6. A

    Free-Domain VS Paid-Domain

    Well, there is a popular method for setting up a website for free ( 000webhost + freenom ) and I created my first website with that.. My concern is, does that effect profitability for the site vs paying for a better hosting/domain ??? Does the domain suffix matter ( .tk vs .com ) ?? Does the...
  7. T

    WebHosting For a Fake Game Coin Generator

    I am making a generator for a certain game that is , obviously fake , i tried hosting it on Awardspace but got banned instantly. Which webhost would work best for this?
  8. msadax

    Website problem

    Idk if its good sub forum. Hi i have created a xxx.html file in my webhosting's file manager in the same file as a index.html, but when i cant view this. I mean typing mydomain.com/xxx shows error. Using Wordpress it makes this: mydomain.com/WP/xxx. Im webhost noob How can i make...
  9. daimaku

    azure free webhost

    hello, i have a website already hosted on a server located on egypt (i made a bad deal). i'm on a very low budget for many reasons, but i want to keep working on my wordpress website (it has 10000 hits a month, some good month 15000 max). my question is simple, can i sign up for an azure free...
  10. Metoa

    Does Microsoft Azure ban account for sending 100,000 emails daily? Can be spam/adult email sometime.

    I have been running an email automation webapps/website for the last couple of months with my at-home local server+datacenter which I've set up at my home. Now I gained a couple of more users and my equips can't handle this due to low config and I can't afford to buy new. Yesterday I...
  11. J

    promo code on Hostgator

    hi guys, i stumbled on a promo whereby you get you get 60% off on Hostgator. decided to share it out with. The code is : MMA60 i hope you enjoy the offer while it lasts or you can as well share with your friends.
  12. J

    best web hosting

    please what web hosting services would anyone recommend to me. between host gator and blue host which would you prefer. thanks
  13. G

    DarkWeb Hosting

    What is the best hosting service for a Darknet/Tor website with cpanel access
  14. pulok

    Need help:Facing problem to host Django website on Heroku .

    Hi, I'm facing some problem to host a selfmade website on heroku.I try to find the solution using google but it did not worked.The problem is,whenever i put this command on cmd git push heroku master I get this message: (Publish) C:\Users\admin\Desktop\My website\Publish\untitled3>git push...
  15. kurosaki4d

    Migrate website to another host

    Hello, I am currently hosting a wordpress website in Godaddy, however i entend to move it to Sitegroud along with the domain name. That been said, i will be unlocking and migrating completely the domain name to Siteground, so i am concerned because i want to know if there will be any downtime...
  16. KJREDDY247@

    Probably The Best of Black Friday offer for webhosting ( Need Opinions

    So, after considering all the charges and complete details finally I came back to namecheap.com With 39$ for one year with below features? BHW Expertise please do let me know if there is anything I need to reconsider before proceeding or any other better options I need to recheck. Thanks in...
  17. hatterftw1

    Best Free Web hosting ?

    I haven't ever really used free web hosting except for some test site many years back I put on. What are the best couple totally free web hosts to use now days?
  18. Banana97

    Any No-DMCA host as good as a premium host?

    I have a website with a download section that contains some semi-copyright material. Technically, this isn't illegal but I do get a few DMCA/Copyright notices each month that I have to spend a lot of money in countering. I am planning to switch to a host that doesn't mind these copyright...
  19. ShiningWarrior

    Cheapest webhosting?

    Hey, currently looking for the cheapest web hosting to host one-page affiliate site. Whats the cheapest one for that?
  20. X-R0

    New Blog, New Host - Recommendations Need!

    As the Title says, I need some recommendations from you guyz. I plan a new Wordpress Website/Blog and I look for the most cost-effective hosting plan, of course. My audience is located in the German-speaking countries. After some researches, I try to decide between Namecheap hosting or just...
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