1. RampantTV

    Hey New Member

    Hi All, New to the forum, plenty to see and learn, happy to be here. I’m looking to source some recommended domain vendors to help broker expired domains in the area of cams, if you have any recommendations the please drop me a reply.
  2. M

    [NEW METHOD] How I make $$ with Adult Cams using Images

    I've been using this method for a while now and it's been working great. You only need roughly 20 minutes a day for this method. I'll quickly explain what the method is and than I'll get into step by step details. This method basically is us uploading images of cam girls to a popular image...
  3. D

    Creating a personal membership webcam site - Need advice!!

    Hi there, I'm new to Blackhat, I'm Dee. I've been researching for what seems like months on the best route to go for an (all you require) turnkey webcam website where all I have to do is find the payment processors, personalize the design, provide the content and do my own marketing. I have...
  4. S

    Own a Web Cam Site

    I wonder if you can help me. I've been in the adult industry a number of years and am getting slightly tempted of getting into the webcam industry. Reasonable capital, Girls and ability to get traffic is not a problem. I am looking for a cost affective way of doing it that doesn't look like a...
  5. P

    What is the best affiliate program for porn webcams?

    As the topic Whatis the best affiliate program for porn webcams ? Imean the one in which sticks nicely earn and thus it will be a longtime to sit, and I'll count the profits. I would like to join thisco-pays 100%. Best if they were payments weekly, or daily rate if itis possible, of course...
  6. H

    So I Went Ahead and Did It...Wish Me Luck Guys!!

    I started my own white label Cam site. I've been able to accumulate over 1 million fans for my other projects (in other industries), but this is a new industry I'm hoping to crack. I'm starting with 0$ and all man power baby! If you're wondering about my other projects and what other industries...
  7. B

    Are Adult Webcams and Adult Dating Sites Profitable?

    Hi, i test AWempire some weeks ago and today they closed my account for "fraud". Are Adult Webcams and Adult Dating Sites Profitable? if yes what you can advice me.
  8. E

    New UK Webcam site, which looks great for models and agents

    There's a new webcam agency and it seems like they've got the web design down to a T. I Messaged the site through the info email asking whether they would be interested in created agent account to hire extra models for a percentage and i received this email back "Hi **** Thank you for your email...
  9. H

    Adult program to try out

    Hi Everyone I am currently looking for webmasters looking to promote adult cam sites. we have a good payout and promo tools ready for you traffic, we also cater to the Safe for work mainstream market. message me and we can talk, thanks!
  10. E

    Help me to promote my studio webcam performers

    Hello, I'm representing a webcam studio. I want to get better promotion&higher traffic/incomes for the performers working under my studio. They work on different websites, and I' looking someone with experience in adult webcam industry to help me with this job. We can discuss about your offer...
  11. S

    Looking for an experienced adult cam consultant.

    Hi there, Looking for someone who can provide inputs and every info related to the adult webcam industries. We are looking into investing alot and need some professional advices, I insist on the professional part. Ideally you have proven experience. I posted here, cause every google search...
  12. C

    A n00bs tale

    Hi, I have been reading through the fourms for about a month or so, and have now decided it's time to jump in with both feet and hopefuly make a bit of a splash. As the title says I am a complete newbie at IM, but it seems there are meany expirianced members here, so I am hopeing you guy's...
  13. H

    Launching a unique program - would anyone be read a journal showing steps, results, etc?

    Hello everyone, I've been a webmaster for 10 years and made good money online for even longer. I and partners I've teamed up with over the years have made money from a lot of different things including affiliate programs and my own products and services. We are in the process of launching...
  14. H

    Hello everyone, and I can't PM a mod so...

    Hello everyone, I am part owner of Hands Free Adult and registered here to talk to potential affiliates / partners or just to talk business. I've made a living online (eBay) since 1999 and became a full time affiliate / webmaster in 2001. I'm ready to talk business whenever and have...
  15. venthi76

    France Adult Webcams

    Hi, Anyone can suggest adult webcams site for france with white label affiliate options, please. Tot of using, but then they dont have targeted for france and also language support. Appreciate your support...
  16. E

    PPS But which one ???

    I'm new and im trying to figure out which one is the best that converts the most/fastest WebCams? Hugetraffic? I can pay for traffic if that would help me more. But what else :confused: thanks.. will pay for training if possible.
  17. E

    Are these people legit? they payout weekly!! min payout is 100.00 PPS- them=$1 you=$25.00
  18. J

    New guy - Adult Dating and Webcams specialist.

    Hey guys, my name is Jay and I work for a "little" company called Dating Gold. We operate Amateur Match and WebcamClub. I am the affiliate representative over there and I was referred to this forum when one of my affiliates hit me up with some questions he had about different ways to promote...
  19. Z

    Need an honest answer from someone experienced...

    I am trying to find a good dating or webcams affiliate. So I've tried aff and fling, they are at the same level. I tried awempire but I can't tell if they're good or not since I didn't use them for long. I am going to try now. I want to hear the opinion of someone who has tried...
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