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    I wonder if you can help me. I've been in the adult industry a number of years and am getting slightly tempted of getting into the webcam industry. Reasonable capital, Girls and ability to get traffic is not a problem. I am looking for a cost affective way of doing it that doesn't look like a clone of another site. I have been looking at white labels which on the whole are disappointing as the percentages being offered are very small indeed. Some sites offering 8-15% for example is pathetic. I don't even get out of bed for less than 25% but I am looking for a 30-35% margin after paid the talent. Can anyone recommend any decent white labels providers that first don't look very similar, has the ability to set-up as a studio, is fully compatible over all devices and secure (people cannot see who my supplier is)

    I wouldn't mind having my own dedicated webcam site. Are there existing supplier of up to date software for this? Or specialist companies that deal with this sort of thing? I am aware video costs a lot of money but I am just exploring all options. I appreciate your insight.