web2 creation

  1. Manish Lamrod

    Manual Web 2.0 Creation Service || Solid High Da Links

    Introducing High-Quality Manual Web2 Creation Service I don't want to waste your time! Time is Money. You are on worlds best SEO forum and since you're here already, you know how powerful is web2 backlinks and their value. So let me share features of my service and exactly what you will get...
  2. K

    Do web 2.0 PBNs with low DA but high PA help seo?

    I am building a web 2.0 pbn that consists of tumblr blogs, all I could find are blogs with DA below 10 but with high PA, would this be helpful or should I look harder to find blogs with higher DA?
  3. Digital Web Zones

    Top 50 web 2.0 submission journey

    Top 50 web 2.0 submission servicess. PM plzzz serious.
  4. Shropdog

    how to claim web2's such as wix - zohosites etc

    Ive been busy scraping for expired web 2's and have managed to claim some on platforms such as tumblr, yolasite, strikingly etc etc, but i am having problems claiming on these platforms ( i am only wanting free web2 platforms ) wix zohosites I think a couple of others but i cant exactly...
  5. Yev1506

    Blogspot web 2.0. question

    Hey guys, I want to create a bunch of web 2.0. websites and decided to choose Blogspot for this purpose, as blogger sites are indexed well by Google. But I have a question - is it ok, to create different blogs at 1 Gmail account? Or you have to make 1 Gmail account for each blog?
  6. B

    Create Art of Super Web2.0 Blog Create and High DA Backlink

    Web2.0 Blogs using 20 most popular and high DA blogging websites like WordPress, blogger.com, tumblr.com, LiveJournal, Weebly.com and many more. I will scrape the article & spin. Again there will be anchor which is most natural, relevant and search Engine friendly. This service will help you to...
  7. KHR

    Free Web 2.0 Service (Tire 1)

    Hello BHW, I am willing to provide Free Web 2.0 Service for Free to 5 Members (5*1). What You will Get? *1 Wordpress Blog with 10 Articles -3*750+ Words Article (High Quality Content) -2*600+ (High Quality Content) -3*500+ (Spinned Content) -2*250+ (High Quality Content) All the...
  8. ahmedEL

    website is up and runing what is nexts

    Hi my website is about sport niche I have 12 articles and I own 2 facebook groups with 4k and 1k members where I share my articles but traffic is low , my website is 1 month old what is the next step that I have to do to rank and get more traffic ?? Sorry for my english and Thank you in advance