web desiging

  1. L

    how to make hexagonal image in photoshop

    how to make hexagonal image like this in photoshop https://ibb.co/cFLbH5M I have made it like this but i dont know now how to make the lightening https://ibb.co/25tgQyc can some one please give me some tips how to achieve this.
  2. SEO Zone

    1 Free Review Copy for WordPress Website development

    Hi, I am giving free review copy for WordPress Website development for my thread approval. Here is my TOP-TIRE package, Upto 30 pages Premium Theme Responsive Design Newsletter Integration Social Media Integrations Speed Optimiztion Opt in form E-commerce Integrations Up...
  3. borke

    Im looking for Web Designer

    Im looking for someone to make me video sharing site.
  4. Deuris

    Recreating Your Favorite Websites | Copy Any Landing Page | Best for CPA, SEO

    Let's get straight to the point, my friends! Are you fascinated by the layout, functionality, or overall performance of certain websites? Do you wish you could incorporate similar elements into your own website? Do you need to make it done as fast as possible? If so, you've come to the right...
  5. Deuris

    [1 FREE Review] Recreating Your Favorite Websites | Copy Any Landing Page | Best for CPA, SEO

    I'm Giving away 1 FREE review copy of my best package to a single member for a BST service review Are you fascinated by the layout, functionality, or overall performance of certain websites? Do you wish you could incorporate similar elements into your own website? Do you need to make it done as...
  6. Adam20201

    ⭐⭐ $70 COPY MASTER ⭐⭐ Convert Any Website to WordPress for 70 USD Only ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Discounts Available ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Big Offer ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Hello There, Just send us a Sample or Demo website link we will convert in to real brand new website in your own hosting. Order link: https://theidealseo.com/convert-any-website-to-wordpress/ Inbox us for Copun/DIscount Code Contact Us The Ideal SEO Email: [email protected] Skype...
  7. ashishs036

    Want to hire a web designer.

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can create a website using an API key. If you have experience working with API keys and web development, please message me. Thanks & kind regards.
  8. E

    Recent sales plugin

    Hi, I'm looking for wordpress plugin that shows fake recent purchases (As shown in the image) Is there any plugin for this?
  9. Bilal Raheem 1

    Thanks A Lot Guys For Helping Me

    In My Previous Post, I asked About Why My Every Customer had trust Issues And You Helped Me, I'm Thankful ToYou Guys :)
  10. Bilal Raheem 1

    how to sell a Website ?

    Hi , my question is ,, if i create a website with my own domain & hosting ,,, then how can i sell this to my customers ?
  11. R

    Looking for a website designer/web maker!

    As I said in the topic, I am looking for a man who is rellevant to making Web Sites on the internet. Payment is not imporant to me, whatever it takes! I am looking for a man that has experience in this job! Contact: Private message, details will be discussed on my bussines mail! Have a nice evening.
  12. andykym

    Web Design with Figma

    I have some skills on creating web design in Figma. Is Web design only with Figma , worth it? If yes , how much i can charge for a web design project? and need some suggestions guys.
  13. R4v3nbl4ck

    Who would you choose?

    Let say you are a freelance professional or own a small company, but you're not tech-savvy. You don't have a website, you don't know how to build one and you're not aware of marketplaces such as BHW. Both a freelance web designer and a full web agency contact you asking if you need a website...
  14. thegoldeneye

    ▶️WEB DEV PRO◀️ The Ultimate Guide to Start Web Design Business in 6 Months ✅ BONUS: Client Scraper

    PRICE: $49.99 COUPON: BHW10 (you will get $10 OFF) 1) Who can purchase Web Dev Pro? Anyone interested in Web Design Business can purchase this e-book or better-called starter pack. You can also run an Internet Marketing Agency or offer those services, and Web Dev Pro will be useful too. 2)...
  15. T

    Need Advice: WordPress Page or Post.

    Hey everyone, I am going to target a medium difficulty keyword, The keyword is related to a product from a famous brand. So, I want to rank for all the products from that brand. I will basically create an info page of the product as my competitors. The information will rarely be updated like...
  16. Jacob Martin

    Customize my wordpress – woo commerse website

    I already developed an ecommerce gambling website in wordpress along with woo commerse theme but now I want to customize it so that it will be user friendly and anyone can understand and use it easily. I want to customize the home page as well as checkout page along with sign up and few more...
  17. D

    I Need a website designer

    Hi, I have a travel blog that a redesign to look more modern. I am looking for a website designer that has done blogs before. messages me if you want to get my website link. Thanks
  18. DonovanMarketing

    Hello from the US

    Hi everyone, Very glad to be apart of this community with you all. I hope to learn more about marketing via facebook and Instagram ads as I am unsure about how to start a campaign like that. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Best, Donovan
  19. Richmann

    Recommend a amazon affiliate website seller

    Hey, I am looking for a good amazon affiliate website seller . who has hood reputation on BHW . Thanks
  20. kpenshoppe

    Hello BHW I'm new at this site.

    I am actually here because I am looking for someone who can build me a wapsite which in return i will pay a little please help me thank you.
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