web 2.0 linkwheel

  1. K

    Looking to buy Web 2.0 linkwheels for brand new MNS sites

    Hi there, I'm in the market to find a good package to get a web 2.0 campaign started on brand new MNS sites, probably nothing major.. 10 web 2.0's each with links to my MNS and another web 2.0. Then SB blasts to the web 2.0's via comments.. and submissions to index the web 2.0's. And maybe...
  2. txhepoker

    I need a freelancer to setup 40 web2.0, spin articles then post. I already have articles.

    Freelancer Must (1) I need someone to create 40 specific web 2.0 accounts (10 weebly, 10 squidoo, 10 wordpress, 10 tumblr). (2) Then set them up in working order (good themes etc). (3) I will then give you original articles to post into web 2.0s (4) You will then spin the articles...
  3. D

    web 2.0 - should i create hundreds of wordpress sites?

    just curious if it would be worth my time to create hundreds/thousands of wordpress sites and point them all to my $ site. I'd be using an automated tool. My question is - would that many add any value, showing different backlinks or would it not be valuable since its all coming from one...
  4. P

    Linkwheel done...now what?

    Ok i have 6 web 2.0 properties connected to a hub in a orthodox linkwheel, i just finished the linkwheel today my hub is a free hosted domain www.username.site.com 1. How long before i should be seeing results? 2. How can i maximize the link wheel strategy? It seems as though these questions...
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