Looking to buy Web 2.0 linkwheels for brand new MNS sites

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    Feb 9, 2012
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    Hi there, I'm in the market to find a good package to get a web 2.0 campaign started on brand new MNS sites, probably nothing major.. 10 web 2.0's each with links to my MNS and another web 2.0.

    Then SB blasts to the web 2.0's via comments.. and submissions to index the web 2.0's.

    And maybe (but not necessary) some social bookmarking as well? I already have a place to get good bookmarking done but if the package offers the option I may endulge!

    I'm aware that the best person for the job is myself, but I'm at a point where I literally don't have time to do this, especially for 5 sites. So I'm interested if any BHW members can recommend some services to me.
    doing this to BRAND NEW micro niche sites.

    I guess I should also explain I'm looking primarily for a service as I'd like to purchase this consistently whenever I launch a new site. Thanks!
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