web 2 creation

  1. liveforseo


    Hello All, We are offering 10 free review copies for our MANUAL WEB2.0 CREATION SERVICE. Eligibility Criteria Jr. VIP or above member with 500+ Messages - Here's what you'll get with a review copy: 10 Web2.0 ( Starter Package ) 500+ Word Articles in each web2.0 2 posts on each web2.0 -...
  2. Umm

    ⚔️GOALLOAD ⚔️ ⚡ Samurai Web 2.0 High Quality Backlinks ⚡Premium Quality⚡ Starting from $2.5/Link ⚡✅Free Reviews✅ ✨Achieve Superior Ranki...

    Review copies available for users' posts of more than 100 (2 Web 2.0 for Review Copies) 10% Discount for all users: Use coupon code "BHW10 *** All Niches Accepted *** Telegram: UmmSEO
  3. La Mascara

    How much would you invest in creating this website?

    Dear Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about the estimated cost, based on your expertise, for developing a website similar to the following: serhant.com. I only provided the name as my current status doesn't permit me to include links. I appreciate any...
  4. ali.tab

    ⭐GSA Search Engine Ranker Web 2.0 Addon⭐Create and Manage UNLIMITED high-quality web 2.0s AUTOMATICALLY✅ RankerX replacement!

    Please Note: ▶️ We do not provide technical support here. If you have any questions/issues, contact us by sending an email to [email protected] ▶️ You need the GSA Search Engine Ranker software to utilize our web 2.0 addon! Website: GSA SER Lists Email: [email protected]
  5. R

    Web 2.0 help: need help with account creation and maturing them

    Hello Everyone, I was trying to build web2.0 links for my own website and for some clients websites. Trying to use some of them as supporting links for my actual backlinks and some for money site. Issue is I have exhausted my Google accounts and my phone numbers. Can anyone please suggest ways...
  6. S

    Web 2.0 Proxies

    Any suggestions for good and fresh Web 2.0 proxies? How many Web 2.0 accounts can you create per proxy to be on the safe side? These are for websites like wordpress.com, tumblr.com, livejournal.com etc.
  7. SEOSage

    ⭕▶️▶️ G-POWERPLAY◀️◀️⭕⭐LOCAL SEO BOOSTER ADD-ON⭐Long-Term SEO Strategy⭐ALL NICHE/LANGUAGES ACCEPTED⭕ Play With The Same Hand, Where You ...

    In this module, We develop 10-11 Google sites (Multi-pages) using unique articles of 700-1200+ words embedded with 12 Unique YouTube Video, 12 New Map Variation, 12 Unique Google Doc, Google presentation, Unique Google Drawing, Google Calendar, Google Folder, Google Sheet etc. Every Google Site...
  8. Gebb

    Are Reddit's profile posts indexable?

    When you search for something you can find Reddit posts in the SERPs, but I've seen only posts from subreddits in the search results, so I don't know if this is because only those are indexable while reddit profile posts (the ones that you can only see checking the profile of an user) are...
  9. jeanfrank

    The authority of blogspot has decreased now?

    Hi, guys Did you try the Google blogspot? CUZ I found you were discussing other web 2.0 platforms. Does that mean the blogspot can not drive more traffics to our websites? Or may you recommend great platforms to publish the micro blog expect for the Medium? Thanks in advance
  10. Gebb

    Is this a good process for web 2.0 properties?

    I've been reading some web 2.0 guides and several threads and I've tried to resume them with the following process: 1. sign up on the web 2.0 platform and verify them, using a different browser and/or proxies when I build several properties in the same platfom (for example 5 properties...
  11. Loklush

    Looking for 10 high authority web2.0 site list

    Hello guys, Looking for 10 free high authority web2.0 site list All web 2.0 site should be able to add in Google search console in free version It will be great if anyone provide me site list
  12. S

    Need Guidance for Web 2.0s

    Hey, I have been reading threads on BHW for so long and decided to create an account as I am very confused with Web 2.0s link building. I have created 10 web 2.0s on ******** platforms all of them are made as genuine as a normal blog to stay safe from Google. I need help with the following...
  13. udayantha11

    Web 2.0 help

    I am going to make web 2.0 as first tier.. I am going to create 25 I have 6 gmails.. my questions are - should i need to create email per every web 2.0 ? - domains in web 2.0 should be keyword ?
  14. Sofiamartinez

    [FREE REVIEWS] Web 2.0 With Articles For Free

    Some of my SEO Virtual Assistants are FREE NOW and so I want to offer free web 2.0 for anyone who is interested. -----How To Claim Your FREE Web 2.0----- 1. Post below your request "I need free web 2.0" 2. We will do in batches of 5 members everyday. 3. We will add 1 to 3 articles along with...
  15. onlineventures


  16. K

    Do web 2.0 PBNs with low DA but high PA help seo?

    I am building a web 2.0 pbn that consists of tumblr blogs, all I could find are blogs with DA below 10 but with high PA, would this be helpful or should I look harder to find blogs with higher DA?
  17. developer1989

    Help Please: Super web 2.0 properties examples

    Hi All In soon I will build a website and launch( it may take 30 days) it's related some programming language guides. So before that I want to build few web 2.0 properties and get them indexed. But don't know how the best and workable web 2.0 looks like. So someone please share here or PM...
  18. avichal


  19. mani.dxb007

    Web 2.0 Networks which allow deleted domains to be registered again?

    Hi i want to know what web 2.0 Networks allow registration of expired accounts apart from Tumblr and webs. If someone has a list or something i will be great full if you can share with me.
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