1. 7

    Cleaning photos with Anti-detect browsers?!

    Hi, I've been using an anti-detect browser instead of a virtual machine to dropship from Ali -> eBay. Everything seems to be going fine. However, I was thinking about one crucial part of the listing process. As most of you know, it is necessary to clean all aliexpress photos before uploading...
  2. spamco

    The End Of Multiple Google Play Developer Accounts

    hey, i was working on since 2016 using vmware and virtualbox with 4g connection but after they added id verification to my country a started using dedicated proxy and vip72 so this is my full method = vmware with new windows 10 firefox disable webrtc ccleaner gift card and of course vip72 or...
  3. sohom

    [Video Tutorial] How to Install Windows Server 2016 using VMware ESXi 6.5 | newbie friendly

    [Tutorial] How to Install Windows Server 2016 using VMware ESXi(6.5 Web Client) | step by step guide Hello again BHW lovers :) All essential URLs could be found from my Github repository : https://github.com/mediabots/Install-Windows-Server-through-VMware-ESXi On this demo, I am going to use...
  4. akshay_saini

    How to make a VPS out of a dedicated server?

    Following steps needs to be followed to make a VPS out of a dedicated server: Step 1: Check if your physical server is capable of meeting the hardware requirements of the hypervisor. A hypervisor is an operating system, which manages virtual servers and requires explicit hardware to install...
  5. P

    Force internet communication through proxy on virtual machine

    Hi guys! I am getting started with a little SEO project, and I need a little bit of basic help. I have a pretty decently configured HP server, where I want to run some bots. I installed Hyper-V on it, and I created a couple of Windows 7 (Tiny7) VMs. I will be running various scraping bots and...
  6. P

    How to Bypass Virtualized Detection on Installcapital ??

    How to Bypass Virtualized Detection on Installcapital Installer ?? All PPI networks need accept some fraud installs or newtork die soon. this is rule InstallCapital sucks because not accept fraud install in virtualbox and generate Unique machine ID for each install Im receive $5 in just fake...
  7. Croth

    Linux VPS 8GB 8 Cores For Free

    Hi guys, sorry for the title said lol ok, I have around 25 Linux VPS with specs 8GB RAM and 8 Cores CPU. But my bot can't run on Linux OS, I already tried virtual machine to install windows like virtual box, VMWare also qemu virtual machine and always getting error. So if you guys can help me...
  8. Noah Hawryshko

    A Question about Virtual Networking

    So I've been scouring the Internet for the fundamentals of virtual networking and it's just a little bit above my comprehension level. Because of this, I thought I'd ask those who are proficient in networking here on BHW for a solution to what I'm trying to accomplish through virtual networking...
  9. I

    virtual machine question ($20 reward to whoever can solve it

    This is probably a stupid question but im pretty inexperienced with this stuff. Im trying to set up virtual machines on my computer using vmware player, and Im having issues. Alternatively, ive had the same issues with virtual box and other vm software so I know its something to do with my...
  10. S

    How to setup a VM (Virtual Machine)

    I thought I'd post this link on how to setup a Virtual Machine on your PC, primarily for the purpose of installing software, of which there are often things included in the patches and cracks which shouldn't be there. :rolleyes: Anyhow, I had no experience with this, but wanted to set one up...
  11. D

    Can you install Market Samurai in VMWare or Parallels?

    Hi guys, I'm sure many of you are having trouble installing MS on VMWare or Parallels. In the last step of installing MS you need to paste the plugins to the App Data folder: Win 7, Vista: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MarketSamurai.<h ex numbers>.1\Local Store\ However I cannot...
  12. M

    Windows 7 on MacBook Air

    Probably doesn't pertain to any of our current discussions, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I installed Windows 7 v 7 on an Apple MacBook Air through VMWare.
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