1. B17zr

    [USEFUL SITE] To Test Programmes and Malicious Files

    Hi All I was looking for a Youtube cracked version of a programme, when i stumbledd into this website that let you upload a cracked version of any programme that you MAY see has viruses or malicious files, and don't want those viruses to catch on your PC without using a VPS, or RDP Also it...
  2. mainceaft

    What's wrong with these full of sht `.ru` sites ranked in the SERP

    Yesterday while I was search for KW's I collected from Ahrefs, for new project for me, I notice new .ru sites ranked in these KW's, they are not in top 3, but lower, (similar what you used to see with .it domains) But things here are worst, they spread many crappy computers viruses in...
  3. Hawkster

    Stung by Spora Ransomware - Bastard!

    So i was busy creating a link list in scrapebox, i decided i wanted to manually check a few. Opened up a link in chrome and the font on the page was all messed up, after a few seconds a box shows up (seemingly from google) saying something like 'font outdated' or some shit. In a moment of...
  4. blackma

    [WARNING] FaceBook Trojan Worm Virus!!!

    Hey guys, Just a heads up about a new facebook worm/virus. If you get tagged on a pic called PROFILE PEEKERS don't click on the link, it's a trojan worm, they got clever now; it comes through as a facebook notification.. watch, this one spread's like wildfire!!! blackma:)
  5. Bostoncab

    Any Real overseas pharmacies? Just for Antibiotics?

    So Im not looking to have a 9 hour erection or lose weight or grow my hair back. I have a condition that requires me to take a moderate dose of antibiotics daily. This is the only thing that keeps my tear ducts from clogging getting infected and then needing a heavy dose of stronger...
  6. xboxps3wow

    How do I get rid of this Virus?

    I've had this virus/malware for few weeks now and every time i scan my PC with malwarebytes, it says it removes it. When i scan it again few days later, its still there. My antivirus doesn't even detect it. Its in the registry and it is annoying the crap out of me. If i remove it manually from...
  7. ch8878

    Be carefull bad stuff going around some bad viruses !!

    No matter what I wont download anything without checking virus total or a virus software that works good I had some bad things in my computer from downloading big files and not throughly checking them !!
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