Any Real overseas pharmacies? Just for Antibiotics?


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Dec 31, 2009
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So Im not looking to have a 9 hour erection or lose weight or grow my hair back.

I have a condition that requires me to take a moderate dose of antibiotics daily. This is the only thing that keeps my tear ducts from clogging getting infected and then needing a heavy dose of stronger antibiotics.

I don't have health insurance and if I go to an Emergency room they will write me a months supply...maybe if I beg. Then my local pharmacy will charge me triple because I am paying cash. FUCKERS!

The world is so flooded with bullshit overseas pharmacies they have made documentaries about them and no American with any decent amount of Internet knowledge would trust one.

So if you can get me a supply of Doxycycline or Minocycline and send it to me and make a little money off of it maybe we can build some trust and make a business.
I'd say 99% of all online pharmacies are legit actually, all that stuff is just to deter americans from circumventing the insurance and pharmaceutical companies of the US. I've purchased from the Canadian pharmacy everyone is spammed from and I got the scripts in a timely manner.
You can usually tell by what they offer. Doxy shouldn't be hard to get. Benzo's and opiates on the other hand, if they offer them, they are almost promised to be a scam.

Can you pm me details? What do you usually buy ?
Thank you Shravan.
Sayanora suggested a Canadian pharmacy that asked me for a prescription. I prefer not having to get a prescription. I do however think that I wouldn't get in any trouble for sending a fake prescription to a Canadian Pharmacy however I do not want to find out.
Ill try that one I guess.. not much of a choice. No problems with them delivering to the U.S. ? Any other suggestions?
I have somewhat of a similar predicament. (it wouldn't let me create a new thread for this, my apologies if it's hijacking the thread.)

I was involved in a car accident the other week and the other drive smashed into my driver side door leaving my neck and back in pain. However, the officer gave us both the fault because my car was on the white line...

I don't have any health insurance and definitely cannot afford the medication. Is there any way to get the needed medication? Online pharmacies? I have looked for some, but they all look like scams. All and any help is appreciated.
if you need something we might have it

we own a pharmaceutical factory that manufactures many different products. we are here looking for help to get online properly.
You are going to trust your condition to some medication made in a 3rd world lab with no standards? good luck.
Many Eastern European and Indian Labs are just as good/Better then American labs. The trick is finding a "3rd world" lab that won't sell pills made in a basement that contain no medication at all.
i have both of them, will be shipped in discreet packs.
Hi All,

I run one and am looking for an expert to get me on Google Product Search and keep me there. Pays great when sales are coming in.

Will be happy to help anyone needing a product. PM me.

You are going to trust your condition to some medication made in a 3rd world lab with no standards? good luck.

Seriously? I guess you're not from the UK then?

China and Thailand are world leaders in 'stem cell' technology. Read that back again. There was no mention of 'research', they simply use the technology to great effect. Western countries/hospitals fail miserably, claiming that there might be side-effects etc and continue to research (with billions of governmental support and seemingly no result). **Hopefully this never happens to anyone, but if you become paralysed, Chinese hospitals can use stem cells to make you walk again. No BS, just fact! Look it up.

The same goes for medication. No standards my arse, do you think Indian or Chinese doctors/pharm companies are retards? Most of the UK hospitals have Indian doctors, why? Because they are fantastic at their jobs and work hard and get paid more. Do you think all medication is made in the US/Canada/Europe?
I am not sure if you can get the exact antibiotic you are looking for but at most pet stores you can buy quite a few antibiotics that are exactly the same as what is prescribed to humans...

Try searching google for: fish antibiotics

Again, I am not sure if they will carry what you need but if they do you can pick it up much cheaper and without a script at most pet stores...

(I do not claim to be any kind of medically inclined so all advice given should be taken solely for informational purposes)
We can able to supply you with your needs.
Kindly PM me with all details so we can work towards it.

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