virtual phone number

  1. NeonBlue

    Phone number for new Telegram acc. eSIM and VoIP (Virtual phone number)

    In the future I plan to create a new telegram account for long-term usage. Don’t want physical SIM, so there’s 2 other ways as I know of: eSIM or VoIP (Virtual phone number). Yea I may only use the number for SMS verification, but I still want to have “unique number” for long-term. Plus it would...
  2. Yupwork

    Twilio sms forward Number Phone That I can use for Long Terms

    Hello BHW I need phone number that can receive incoming SMS " and call if possible " From PayPal, Amazon, Google, and use it to receive Costumer Message, and Forward this incoming SMS To my phone. Ex: If I receive SMS from Google on my Virtual number +44111111111, It should Forward this message...
  3. K

    Need philippines phone number for eBay and Paypal verification

    Hello everyone. I need a Philippines phone number for eBay and Paypal verification. anyone can help me with that? Even better if there's a service that allow me to keep a virtual phone number that can be used for SMS and calls.
  4. imonboss

    SMSPVA Alternatives

    Hey Blackhattian, I am looking for smspva alternative as smspva does not offer Australian phone numbers. Do you guys know any free to paid option for getting AU numbers. Your answers will be appreciated. Thanks. imonboss
  5. See you vader

    Virtual phone for Whatsapp Business ?

    I need a Whatsapp business number for European countries but I'm not living there. How can I get a European phone number to use for Whatsapp business long-term ? Also will a virutal landline work ? Spasibo :D
  6. bitcoin32

    Temporary Italian number free

    Where to find temporary italian number free to verify ?
  7. G

    Virtual Phone App/Tools

    Whatzup!!!! Pls if somebody knows the tool able to create virtual phone to pass the sms challenge. Instagram dunt accept virtual phone on any kind of tools? I GOT A TOOL COULD CREATE MUCH MORE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT THAN EVER. IF KNOW A TOOL COULD PASS THE CHALLENGE, WE CAN MAKE OUR BIG MONEY.
  8. greg99

    Best USA Virtual Phone Number Provider

    Hello, I need a good Virtual Phone Number service provider. Right now I want to register in different directories in the USA, but they require to verify a phone number and currently, I am using and it is very bad service for that because they just redirect a call to my...
  9. Sohag_Dev

    virtual phone number like textnow

    I Need Free virtual phone number like text now For European Country (Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Australia)
  10. Momentena

    Virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR?

    Is there any good and reliable virtual phone number services that support BTC or XMR? Preferably XMR. I am starting my journey and need a separate phone number that I can operate on.
  11. R

    UAE/Dubai Virtual Number

    Hello any idea how can I get a free or paid UAE/Dubai virtual phone number that can be forwared to any other number. Thank you
  12. I

    [WTB] the method to make Google Voice

    is anybody who know the method to make new GV, I want to buy the method. If u know ,plz PM me.
  13. B

    virtual phone number to verify Expresscoin

    I am looking for place to buy a virtual phone number that will work to verify Expresscoin via SMS verification.
  14. D

    Best Virtual Phone Numbers?

    What is the best virtual phone number service in terms of clarity of calls and low pricing? I know Twillio/Twilio charges $1 per month and I believe it is $0.02 per minute but I am not sure about the clarity of the calls. I have also heard people use Skype, but they are more expensive - I...
  15. snoozebot

    Virtual Phone Numbers For Verifying Facebook Accounts. Any Ideas?

    Until last year, it was possible to phone verify Facebook accounts using Bueno provides US phone numbers free of cost. However of late, I can't seem to be able to open Bueno. Anyone here knows where one can get virtual phone numbers for phone verifying Facebook accounts?
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