virtual assistance

  1. W

    Hire Expert Virtual Assistants at $4/Hour -- Highly Skilled & Super Efficient VAs‍ -- Native English Speakers Ready to Assist!➡️➡️

    Hey BHW, I would like to introduce you all to our Virtual Assistant service. We are a team of highly efficient & dedicated Virtual Assistants for all your needs. We are here to provide exceptional service at a rate of $4 per hour. Are you struggling to manage tasks, juggle priorities, and...
  2. CyberCommander

    can someone recommend good VA agencies with skills in Wordpress/Osclass classified sites?

    can someone recommend good VA agencies with skills in Wordpress/Osclass classified sites?
  3. SirTop

    [AFFORDABLE] GET Reliable and Professional Solo Virtual Assistant (VA) | $7/hr Only... DISCOUNT AVAILABLE !

    Hola Blackhatters - It's your friendly Neighbour, SirTop ! Are you looking to streamline your workload, boost efficiency, and free up your precious time? Worry not, because I've got your back. I'm your go-to Virtual Assistant for getting things done efficiently and seamlessly. Always be ready...
  4. LifetimeCharger

    Websites where i can get technical VAs (virtual assistant)?

    Hello all, I am currently looking for many VA's for our company and am encountering the same problems as probably most. Freelancer platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer are just 90% crappy as people just track as many hours as possible to cash in without actually performing. Platforms...
  5. seoguysdotae

    Professional,Skilled VA for SEO

    Hey there, i am a SEO guy myself for the past 9 years but due to some business ventures and personal reasons, I am not able to do this full time anymore as I was before. Looking for a skilled professional to do following (could be one of them or all):- 1) finding good domains (Expired or...
  6. K

    LF VAs to Watch, Like, Comment, Share Posts

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with VAs to Watch, Like, Comment, Share YouTube videos. These are about 60 5min videos and I am looking for at least 10-50 VAs aka different accounts and IPs. No bots. But 'real' engagement. Tell me what's needed to get this job done.
  7. HustleFriday

    Hire Quality Virtual Assistants - $2 USD/Hour (Any Task) - Pay by Hour - Dedicated Native Speaking Manager for Every Client

  8. Benjam01

    Affordable yet efficient virtual assistants for hire for any TASK - Starting from $400/m ONLY!

    NOTE: The $400 is the MONTHLY payment and limited to only first 15 buyers. After that, the normal rates would apply. ** REFUND POLICY: If you decide to stop using our services within 3 days of making a payment, you will receive a full refund. After three days, if you wish to quit our...
  9. coltonc

    [WTH] Native English Virtual Assistant Needed

    Hi there, If you are not a native English speaker offering virtual assistant services, please move along. I am currently looking to bring on board a virtual assistant to handle a number of tasks. This person would primarily be answering emails and sending emails, although the ability to make...
  10. btlr

    Responsive VA needed to send out sales emails - Hiring today

    Looking for someone to get started today sending sales emails, please DM me. I do not have Skype so communication will be via email. Product is digital services like marketing, design, maintenance, and development specifically for eCommerce stores Magento and Shopify being the main focus. Any...
  11. lucky.sparks

    [WTH] ▁▂▃▅▆▇ Partner in crime. ▇▆▅▃▂▁ (virtual assistant for $20/h)

    I need some help regarding day-to-day tasks, it can be really anything - starting from administrative tasks and up to writing adult-themed copy for our projects. In near future I'm planning to open my current proxy farm to public access thus client support/management will be one of the roles as...
  12. L

    Im Looking For Virtual Assistance

    looking for virtual assistance please contact me through Telegram: @communitymanagerx
  13. Shox99

    Looking for full time VA - Wordpress / SEO / Writing

    Already at the beginning a disclaimer, this work includes work with ADULT content ! Hello, i need to expand my team and look for one more full-time Assistant FOR IMMEDIATE START. The working time is from Monday to Friday and the volume of work is between 6 to 8 hours every day. If you can work...
  14. Rowdy Devil

    ⭐⭐⭐Hire Virtual Assistant to Provide ✅Email and ✅Chat support to your customer⭐⭐⭐

    Do you want to make your customers happy? Are you looking for Virtual Assistant for your work, then you are at exactly right place . I provide Top-notch live chat support and email support for online stores. Having the experience of 5 years and working with countless clients, I can make your...
  15. Jacob Martin

    Virtual Assistant Recruitment from Philippines, Japan and China

    Hi, I looking for a Virtual Assistant from Philippines, Japan and China for my ecommerce business. Actually I am running an ecommerce business and i want to expand it as soon as possible. I am focusing only Philippians, Japanese and Chinese people for this work. If anyone interested then...
  16. thepolyglot

    FREE instagram / wordpress VA.

    Hi, If you usually work with WordPress or Instagram, I'd like to work for you i will work for 1-3 hours for 30 days or more. why Instagram: ill do anything related to Instagram because I have experience in that domain this is my Instagram @coffeeforbidden and I want to do it because I want to...
  17. I

    Looking For A VA To Send Emails That Reach Inboxes

    I am looking to hire a VA to send emails that reach inboxes and not spam folders Is there a way that this can be done? If yes I am looking to hire a VA that can send out a generic email to 800 companies.
  18. fxkool

    Virtual Assistant Needed [Blog/Forum commenting; Facebook groups posting]

    Hello, I need someone who can help me do the blog/forum commenting on numerous blogs posts and forums that relate to business/finance/investing, etc. I will be providing the comment itself (with an embedded aff tag) and all you need to do is just post it on certain forum threads and blog...
  19. Mahfuz Raihan

    Where to look for SEO, SMM and Admin Work Services related work?

    I am a Virtual Assistant Providing SEO, SMM and Admin Work Services recently I lost Clients, So looking for news ways get clients, work. Can any one suggest anything?
  20. SEOMaestro

    Professional VA Service on BHW only $3 Per hour

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