1. anafsp1

    Playing videogames and flipping accounts for money?

    So maybe I have been living under a rock, but there are people that sell their video games accounts for profit and I just found out that :D. I was never into games (so that's why I never heard of this) but I started playing state of survival a few months ago. Not really sure If I like it or...
  2. zeenous

    Do you still play video games?

    I found that i have lost interest in videogames i still play from time to time but mainly party games with friends occasionally Videogames are very addictive and i know if i get too invested in it ill waste hours of my life in something useless Back when i was younger id easily wake up and spend...
  3. TheDocAma

    Videogames Cutscenes Archive YouTube Channel

    Hi folks! I am interested in the passive incomes and I realized what I think is a great idea to start a YouTube Channel. What about doing a channel which is an archive of all the best cutscenes of all the best videogames? I already searched and actually there is no one. I would like to know your...
  4. 5


    hello hello hello, Do you guys play videogames in your free time? And if so, what kind of games and on what console? I don't play games a lot because I don't have a lot of time for it. Even though I love it.
  5. R

    Looking for Nintendo Supplier

    Looking for somebody who can supply me with Nintendo products, especially the amiibo toys. Also I need a person in Europe and Asia to export rare amiibo toys and other rare highly demanded items.
  6. technodudes

    Gaming leads

    looking for someone to help me get gaming niche emails also to send them out please let me know if you can help. I got email ripper for certain sites but there are sites I can't get emails from which would really help me get my gaming site on the go. PM for websites
  7. random227512

    How To Monetize Youtube Gaming Channel?

    Hey guys (I hope I have posted in the right thread) :p Well let me get straight to the point, I love gaming... like seriously addicted to it.. I am also pretty darn good at all the big titles (Fifa, ModernWarfare etc) & was wondering is it possible to monetize a youtube gaming channel which has...
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