Do you still play video games?


Oct 22, 2022
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I found that i have lost interest in videogames i still play from time to time but mainly party games with friends occasionally
Videogames are very addictive and i know if i get too invested in it ill waste hours of my life in something useless
Back when i was younger id easily wake up and spend 8 hours playing a game (which would make it impossible to do something productive)
Nowadays i spend time Hustling/going to the gym/watching entertainment/learning something new
Modern video games look very appealing its like walking in a candy shop :eek:

What's Your experience?
I'm an avid gamer. I put time away to enjoy what I love most in life, colourful pixels on a screen :)

I try to maintain a balance and grind as hard as I can every day so when I'm kicking back, I can enjoy myself without feeling like I'm wasting my life away.

That existential dread can kick in sometimes though on a Saturday when you're deep into a 10hr+ sesh lol

Remember to do what makes you happy! Even if you have to moderate that a little bit
Sometimes I play games to escape my responsibilities :')
No. I haven’t been interested in video games since about 2005 when I was in my early 20s.
I play daily, but before I played a lot more
I used to like a lot of rpgs and strategy games, but now I like pvp games more
I recently opened a youtube channel where I upload my gameplay
when i was a kid i would play 14h day, study the meta-game, do what it takes to be most efficient top tier player.
not anymore. i download games every now and then. play for few minutes. then never touch again. that kid mentality helped me a lot in IM. grinding gold turned into grinding dollars.
some people just outgrow it. i know people my age who still game full-time. but when youre a NEET i guess what else are you going to do.
I'm a binge gamer, I go weeks or months without playing anything and other times I will play all night and day without getting any work done for days at a time.
I've never been much of a gamer but I still play a few minutes from time to time, specially fast paced games.

Any kind of 3D gaming helps to keep your brain healthy. Go guilt free.
I play daily, but before I played a lot more
I used to like a lot of rpgs and strategy games, but now I like pvp games more
I recently opened a youtube channel where I upload my gameplay
That's awesome man. I still play my RPGs (currently deep into classic wow), but I always have a competitive FPS ready to go to settle those pvp urges.

What's your channel? I'll toss you a sub
I play games with my wife. We find it's a nice break from the bureaucratic reality of life.

For example, I'll play Stardew Valley and I'll have my little farm that I manage and my crops that I can just toss in a bin and sell.

But in real life, if you want to plant an 4ft tall orange tree in your yard, you need to:
  • Call 811 first. This is a legal requirement so that they can dispatch various utilities to mark off where all the important lines are. If you hit a line and break it without calling 811 before digging, you're liable for hundreds or thousands in fines. Fair enough if you don't want that liability.
  • Put a white 'X' down where you want to dig for the utility companies.
  • Wait up to 2 business days (not counting the day you call) for them to approve your ticket.
  • When they approve your ticket, you can then dig in your yard and plant that orange tree.
You know, planting a real tree is better than planting a tree in a game, but sometimes, I just want to skip to the "plant a tree" part and not deal with phone calls asking me if I'll be using explosives to plant a bloody tree.
I managed to peel myself off World of Warcraft.

I was addicted.

The graphics are outdated. The gameplay could use more work. The lore is often incoherent and inconsistent.

Still, I got hooked.

Turns out what hooked me was the thrill of starting new characters among the different character classes.

Knowing this important truth about myself, I applied it to my business.

Instead of starting a hunter after I got tired of my druid or warlock character, I start online businesses.
I still play abit but not as much as before, currently doing Red Dead 2 and will pick up the new Call of Duty tomorrow when the multiplayer drops.

Having a decent time playing Apex the movement is really nice. From time to time i will play CSGO to check on skin prices and stuff but because im in my mid 30's in asia, SoloQ is a pain in the arse when i'm just trying to chill abit so i actually rarely play. Gaming is still fun just the communities can be so backwards it makes no sense to me, guess that me showing my age.
Just sometimes...I don't have enough time) But I like that stuff. This is my favorite time to spend a winter's evenings)
I am playing Valorant with my friends. But I can't say that I am addicted to it because I always choose my work over games. Other than Valorant recently Uncharted released. It is also a good game that I really wanted to try for a long time. Still didn't have time to play it because of the work.

Now I have free time but um still reading posts in BHW lol. I think that I addicted to BHW or something xD.
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