video streaming

  1. A

    Is there any free adult video hosting site (like openload)

    I am looking for adult video streaming websites like and openload. Openload was better(I didn't use it though, but heard about it). I am currently using, decent but their video player, ad popups are irritating. And also the interface of is bit old fashioned. I also heard...
  2. Snqke

    Feralhosting alternative (seedbox ignore DMCA)

    Hello guys, i'd like to get suggest for Feralhosting alternative for video streaming use exctly seedbox that ignore DMCA notices thanks
  3. JohnArn

    ELI5 - What do I need for Video Hosting?

    So, I've launched my first tube using as my video host and Im having loads of issues with them. Tried GoUnlimited and they're OK but ultimately I really want the best possible UX so I am weighing towards VPS/Dedicated servers. My issue is that I do not understand this stuff at all, not...
  4. Starblazer

    What are some less known movie streaming or download websites?

    I need the list of such sites for an article. I'm looking for active websites with <1000 worldwide search volume. Please mention sites with more volume too if they are not popular. They should be streaming or giving download links to movies, TV shows or web series.
  5. E

    Movie Streaming Niche Questions

    Hi, after a little research I made on this niche, how to create the site, how to be secure, how to make it profitable, etc. I got one question. 1. Do I need to program a separate page for every movie I add? (Which won't be a problem, but it will make my site very slow)
  6. R_Fatale

    How much Bandwidth/Disk space do I need?

    Hello all, I have been asking various host providers questions and some are useful while others are not. If I wanted to create a site, with 4 pages and on one of those pages, I will be hosting 8 videos, all together it is 2gb of video material. One of the staff of a hosting provider told me...
  7. K

    Get google drive direct link for video stream site.

    Hello, We have a video stream site that use source from google drive. I think if you are in the video streaming business you already know how it work. So we have to pay GOOGLE GET LINK SERVICE around 1$/3000 requests. Now we would like to buy the source. If anyone already have the source...