1. nomansohail

    I can get a meta verified badge but i dont want to change the page name, any solutions?

    Do i need to register a company? I have a local instagram page, almost to 1000 followers where i go to different restaurants and try their food and make reels about them, i often promote the reels via instagram ads and always create original content. Now i have created a brand for that review...
  2. P

    Looking for a video Model

    Hi , I am looking for a video model(male/female) that can make a quick video(5-15sec) of him/herself for the xvideo verification. You don't have to show your face nor do anything inappropriate, all you have to do is hold a paper with XVIDEOS and the username that I will provide you written on...
  3. grant young


    I am confused on how SMS verification services work. I am looking to create bulk accounts on, and i need phone numbers to verify the accounts. On all these different SMS verification services it has the specific service they need the code for, like facebook, whatsapp. How do i get...
  4. sweetasian

    Need picture of girl holding a peace of paper

    Anyone know the best method to get a picture of a girl holding piece of paper with writing in it for verification purposes?
  5. A

    Webcam to Verify Dating Apps on BlueSatcks

    Hi, is it posible to verify DA using the webcam on bluestacks? I know it's possible to use fake camera on bumble with app cloner, but for the other dating apps, if the model have acces to the computer, is there some way to make the camera works? It doesn't work for me, at least in tinder. Thanks
  6. X

    Expired TextMe number back

    Hey I need to get a expired TextMe number back ti receive a verification code. Any help will get rewarded with $!
  7. imoneyboy1

    Instagram Face & Numbers verification

    This is a quick “how to bypass”. Title shortened to dodge insta mods from peeping. If you find yourself in a situation where your account has been locked and requires face verification and photo with handwritten sheet of paper, but you're uncomfortable using your face or resorting to a...
  8. U

    Tinder verification method without shadowban that's what everyone you needed :)

    Check the video: My Telegram: @tinderverify
  9. D

    I need instagram VERIFICATION

    I nedd someone who can help me with Instagram verification. Im influenser from Europe please give me a contact Thank you Regars
  10. YellowGrizzly – SMS VERIFICATIONS SERVICES I BUY A NUMBER FOR YouTube ➡KakaoTalk ➡FB ➡ Instagram ➡FB ➡ Telegram ➡ Tik-T...

    Link to the service: The SMS activation service "Grizzly Sms" offers customers to buy bulk virtual phone numbers to register accounts on any of the popular platforms. The site supports receiving sms via api, which allows you to complete bulk account registration in the...
  11. D

    eBay Stealth account verification

    I have question about my stealth account. I recently reach over the $600 threshold of sales and now eBay is holding funds and requires me to verify my information including SSN for the 1099-k form. I heard I can get around this with a EIN which I do have but does the EIN have match my real...
  12. C

    Blue Tick on Social Media

    Hey Community, I am looking for someone who know how I could verified my account on Instagram. Instagram and Facebook don’t accept my request on app. I don’t have a lot of PR about me online too. I am googleable with an knowledge panel and verified on Deezer, Amazon, Spotify etc. Maybe...
  13. R

    Pre Verified Facebook pages (Blue Tick)

    I need a Facebook page with Blue tick that you can change it's name to my desired name
  14. Ksenia.

    I am Model Video Content Creator but have Problem with Payment Gateway Please Guide Me

    Hi Guys I Really Need your Guide I am Freelance Girl model and i am video content creator for insta and other ..... But i have some problem about payment especially when my video buyer want to Pay me money , because I Don't have PayPal and I cant use it * I want to use Cryptocurrency Wallet...
  15. ZyronMedia

    Is Verification over rated?

    What are your thoughts on social media verification? People pay upwards of $20k to get that blue check but is it overhyped? Or really worth it.
  16. M

    How do i get US UK Non virtual number for Fiverr and paypal

    How do i get US UK Non virtual number for Fiverr and paypal
  17. BlackHoleWorm

    Quik Question

    Can anyone confirm if i can verify two PayPal accounts with one Google voice?
  18. B

    GMB Verification or Google Map Listing

    Hi guys, I thought to ask here maybe someone got a way to open a new GMB or Map listing on Google for a local Locksmith (Service Area Business) I have no address, so no verification by post. I'm aware it is a long shot, but trying here is kind of my last resort. If you have any other offer...
  19. ketwild

    GMB Listing Process for a Client

    Hello Guys, I need some advice or pointers - I am currently in the process of helping a local business with their Google My Business listing. The client is not computer literate so I want going to create a listing on their behalf. However, I am in another country and wanted to know if I create...
  20. R

    I need Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me and some Instagram Business Accounts
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