1. kletoto

    Affiliate Platforms

    Hey ya, blackhat dudes ... Can you please share some good affiliate platforms where vendoring is possible with physical goods? I need a type of Affiliate platform similar to Digistore24, ClickBank, BuyGoods ... etc Thanks in advance
  2. Buyweedistanbul420

    Hello BHW

    Happy Year and hope everything eating good
  3. worldatlarge

    TIP For Every Vendor on BHW To Make It Easier for Customers to Buy Your Service

    Hey guys, short and sweet: If you are a vendor, and you use a spreadsheet to list your services (social accounts, backlinks, articles, etc.) Put your BHW Screen-name, Email and Skype on every tab in the spreadsheet! I can't tell you how many times I am ready to order a service, but all I have...
  4. Y

    Clickbank Vendor Related Question

    Hey everyone, how are you guys? This is a Clickbank vendor-related question. I had submitted my product for approval. But my product gets disapproved and the reason they told me is - Thank you for your interest in ClickBank. We're sorry, but due to a variety of security precautions we're...
  5. mr.y

    looking for beginner's affiliate networks as a vendor

    Hey everyone, I have 2 digital products i made. I am looking for affiliate networks which allows beginners without too much experience to join them. I joined clickbank and jvzoo as a vendor. other networks i found (like cj affiliates) need to vet you and some of the declined me because of my...
  6. zebrahat

    DOPE-A$S **New** CLICKBANK product to MAKE YOU cash!

    Whats up my Blackhat brothers, As you know I've been a member here for about 10 years now, and I have slowly been learning lots from this community. Recently, all that hard work came to fruition with the launch of my first big Clickbank offer! I partnered with a big Clickbank guy named Wesley...
  7. D

    Need a partner for traffic software

    Hi I developed a software to get traffic. But i dont have good skill to sell it. So i am looking for a partner that can promote it Please add my skype: [email protected] Thank for reading my thread here
  8. S

    Starting as a Clickbank Vendor

    Hello BHW, Long time lurker, about to start migrating to Clickbank from D2D and Amazon. I generate about 400 usd a month currently through 8 books on foreign language education. I'm been dabbling in online marketing for about 2 years, but don't consider myself very good at it. (My pet niche...
  9. mancar487

    [March 2017] MANCAR’s Newest CLICKBANK Hit- HUGE Niche!

    If you are familiar with my team’s previous HUGE launches, I am here to announce that you haven’t seen our best one yet… Think S C I A T I C A S O S (which got into Clickbank Remedies Top 10 Bestsellers in under 3 months of launch) was a huge success? Or L A S E R L E S S (currently number 1...
  10. lazareski

    [Need Advise] On selling invoice software

    Hello BHW, I need some help on selling an invoice software. I have experience with amazon affiliate i have websites making a steady income, and a little selling health products. I recently launched a desktop invoice software of my own making on clickbank, but i don't really know how to sell it...
  11. mancar487

    CLICKBANK - Mancar's Newest Product [Dec 2016]

    ...think there are no untapped niches remaining? You're about to discover a huge one... I am super proud to announce the launch of our CLICKBANK newest product, our best one yet and in possibly the craziest niche ever… After dominating the health niche since 2012, we are now ready to take on a...
  12. teddym

    Only Clickbank Professionals... I Need Your Opinion On This...

    Hi Everyone, I just launched my new (and first!) Clickbank product. It's a green smoothie cleansing & weight loss ebook. I am having a hard time driving sales. Clickbank shows 3165 hops, 55 order form impressions, but only 1 sale. I need some fresh eyes to look into this copy, and who is...
  13. M

    As A Clickbank Vendor, where to promote my product and find Clickbank affiliates?

    Hi everyone. I have a new product in Clickbank related to Fiverr. This is my main keyword. Where can I find clickbank affiliates interested in this niche? I have to list it in some specific websites or there is a way to approach them? Any help is accepted. Thank you all.
  14. staypositive

    ███ Clickbank vendor success method ███

    hi all, i have been a vendor in CB for like almost 9 months and .. in a shame, still got 0 sells i have actually given it up but then read Bhw many ppl works in cb and earn both as affiliate and vendor as i have no sales, no gavity, its \forever in the dark hole. so to all pros and friends...
  15. KHR

    Warning: ClickBank Vendors Are Stealing Affiliates Commission.

    Hello BHW Hope all are doing well. Please be aware of the Clickbank Vendors Activity. I am promoting ClickBank Products for 2 years, I was making $$$ Per week, But from the Last 2 Month Its Fallen Down to $0. Now I found, why my sells down. Because the Vendor Offering the free gift by using...
  16. FormerBoxer

    Buying Clickbank Website

    when buying a clickbank website what should I be looking for. If it is making for example $300 a month for the last 4 months and I have real proof from the seller. How much should I pay for a website like this example. I just want to make sure the website is not penalized etc. Sorry if this...
  17. Y

    Can Clickbank restict the price of my product?

    Hi, My digital product is already selling well for $67, soon I will move to Clickbank but I'm a first time vendor. Can Clickbank refuse my product because of the price? Thanks
  18. M

    Need high quality sites for guest post submission

    Hi there! I need high quality sites for article submission PR:3+ DA:30+ Only US websites Category: environment, recycling, green living, sustainability, electronics recycling, gadgets, renewable energy, metal industry etc. I can pay max $20 per post
  19. C

    I wanna be a vendor of ClickBank, where to find the website program?

    I have writen a ebook about dog training, and I'm a newbie of website program. Where to find the website program provide visitors download my ebook after they pay the money. The program must hide the true download link(url) of my ebook. Thanks
  20. M

    I am looking for affiliates in free energy niche

    Hello, I have products in free energy niche and I am looking for affiliates to promote me. I am open to cut deals with any affiliates who has lists for my products.I f you want to get in touch please tell my and we'll discuss. Thanks.
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