1. Selo53

    I need someone to help me evaluate my app

    Hello my friends, I'm just in the testing phase of my app. The app is currently 90% finished. You all know how hard it is to represent the app in App Market. The best way to get there is through very good app ratings. So I am looking for someone who can help me with this topic. I would be...
  2. FBM

    A place to get Valuations?

    Hi Guys, I tried to post a query to find out how much an Expired Tumblr was worth and included the metrics but it was deleted. The reason was based on a thread about people trying to sell things slyly when asking for "How much is this?" I think it would be a good idea to have a place for BHW...
  3. CarlSagan

    Looking for a rough valuation of this powerful domain

    I've found myself with a pretty powerful domain, looking for opinions on how much it could be worth roughly. It was the website of a dutch book selling company that re-branded and was left as a 302 redirect. Looking it up, it used to be one of the largest book companies in the country. I'm...
  4. K

    are Estibot valuations accurate?

    i have about 30 dictionary word domains with each having estibot value ranging two fifty dollars to thousand dollars are estibot valuations accurate? Please Help!!
  5. TheStlos

    Account Valuation Question

    So I know there are twitter account valuation sites, but with each site I've seen, the values seem overly inflated. Suppose I owned a twitter account with 500k followers, and less than 100 following. Followers are mostly real and targetted in the genre of general comedy / jokes. I am just...
  6. P

    Looking for advise on building traffic to gain value

    Hi everyone i have some great parked domains and I'm seeking some advise on how to manage them eventually I'd like to sell them off I'm just seeking some great advise all purchased before company merger ;) I'm hoping to get some great suggestions as I'm told this is the go/to forum :) Thanj
  7. kobra

    How much this website worth? Help me plase

    I own a very popular blog in lucrative weight loss industry. So I want to know how it is worth. The domain name is very easy to remember, easy to spell 10 characters (shorter than long dot com(no hyphen or number) 3 and half year old Google PR 4 Permanent Yahoo...
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