1. William Parsons

    How to validate nested brackets within a string

    I was recently denied for a full-stack developer job with no explanation (maybe they just wanted free code) at a well-known proxy provider company after solving this coding challenge. I'm always looking to improve my skills, so I'd like to know if the BHW scripting pros have a better way to...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Cheapest Email Validation Service

    Can you guys suggest me the cheapest email service that's available right now?, which one are you guys using for scraped emails for cold emailing? any free alternatives or cracked softwares source ? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated, Not for sending only for validation of lists in bulk
  3. S

    Camelog Ad tester, does anyone know how they manage to get such good results?

    Hi All, I am a media buyer and worked with a lot of ad testers in the last couple of years. i came across few months with a new tool called which have very good results in terms of accuracy and speed. I wanted to know if anybody knows what is the difference between them and other...
  4. blackcommoner

    Affordable price for email validation service

    Hello friends, I have just developed an email validation system. It is an online system, Where user will upload email list, then it will check bounce and bad mail and will remove them from list, after validation user can download validated list and delete them from server. I have seen some...
  5. G

    Pay 4 PVA

    I'm looking for someone to not sell me PVA accounts but I need someone that can give me a number, have me send a code to that number and then give me the code. I am not looking to buy PVA accounts. If you're offering more than 1$ for this service please do not message me. My skype is sparky76015...
  6. E

    Validating my business concept

    Hi all, I?ve been researching my niche and blogging in general for quite a while and I think I?ve settled on a plan. I?m looking to validate and would appreciate your feedback and advice. I plan to offer a paid course for building a sales funnel around a free email course. The focus is on...
  7. R

    Validate your phone number database with this tool! Check for cell, bad & landline numbers

    We offer FREE 5,000 credits for your test account. Request a demo for free. API available. Contact us: skype: validatorpro email: [email protected]
  8. W

    Problems with Proxyfire

    Ive been trying to register at proxyfire website for weeks but when it says a validation email has been sent I never receive anything. Its not in my spam folder and I've even tried different email address and a vpn but still no email. I have emailed them but no reply. Just wondered if anyone...
  9. B

    BTC Web Hosting Validation and Market Research Needed

    I'm currently looking to get some opinions and inputs, and if anyone would be interested in the follow. Right now, I'm about to setup a web hosting site with both Shared Hosting and VPS options. The registration will be fully anonymous, only requiring an email. You also will you pay with Bitcoin...
  10. sparxx

    I want to pass strict validation.

    I want to pass strict validation for the following 2 sites. beautyspaexpo pedicurespasuperstore I just don't have the time to get to this. If you have a few sites that are currently are passing just email me or message me. Sparxx.
  11. N

    [howto] Resolve JuicyADS Validation Issues

    Hello, I've been doing site validation yesterday and I noticed bunch of errors that turned out to originate from ads I've been inserting into it. Now, I thought that these companies would take a little more care of their users/affiliates, but I thought wrong :) Anyways, if anyone is using...
  12. R

    I've waited for ScrapeBox license validation for 3 weeks and still waiting.. Do You also ?

    - Hi everyone, As I said in the title, I've been waiting for ScrapeBox validation for 3 weeks and still waiting. Actually it's for a re-validation because I had to reformat my computer. During those 3 weeks, I've sent him 4 validation requests (via ScrapeBox itself) and 3 emails...
  13. J

    SMS PVA solutions?

    Hello, This is my first Thread! I looked long and hard for the answer to my question, but I was unable to find one. How can I (we) use an online service to RECEIVE SMS messages? I found these sites, but they do not offer US numbers, only UK and EU.
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