user name

  1. pulkitseo

    how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it?

    there is a username in twitter which is almost dead account and i want that how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it? i need username for my site. the user have none followers and is following none
  2. bushinonasake

    What does your Nick/User Name mean?

    What's the story behind your user name? Does it mean anything or did you get it from a random text generator? LOL. :) Mine means "tenderness of a warrior". I'm into a lot of samurai stuff, specially Rorouni Kenshin or Samurai X as he is known in the west. I actually have it tattooed on my...
  3. C

    user name on blogs

    Hello, I would like to create 30 blogs and submit my articles there. I am planning to spin the content a little bit . Is it OK to register with the same user name or is it better to change my user name each 30 blogs? For example, if I type someone?s user name on Google, many URLs with this...
  4. E

    twitter account suspendded wtf??

    hi, about a week ago I heard about assetize so I created a twitter account and decided to stick it up on there easy as pie just registerd a username dident add followers or anything, anyway I decide to look at it today and my twitter account has been suspended :(. Im guessing it is too do with...
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