twitter account suspendded wtf??


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Jun 1, 2009
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hi, about a week ago I heard about assetize so I created a twitter account and decided to stick it up on there easy as pie just registerd a username dident add followers or anything, anyway I decide to look at it today and my twitter account has been suspended :(. Im guessing it is too do with this becuse everyother twitter account on the site has been suspended. I have no idea what twitter will do about this. What shall i do?? I have just read some information about twitter suspended accounts and it says selling of usernames is not allowed. Im just worried about what they will do..

If anyone has any idea please help. Thanks
I have removed the account from assetize.cxm and have left the twitter account..

Please someone post
My guess is that they wrote a bot that crawls sites like assetize and autobans. I know facebook did when they came out with their vanity URLs. Selling account is against their TOS.
what will twitter do will they just ban the twitter account, can i just forget about it.
thanks that lol, I paniced a bit when it said your account is been investigated.
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