help needed

  1. zotix

    I have an IG account for my YouTube channel and blog, but it got hacked.

    Hey, dear Community, I have an IG Account, which is created by myself, with a phone number I do not own anymore (damn). I can't access the Account; I saw that somehow it got hacked, and now it is used for follow/not follow things. Support is not answering; I already made some reports - but...
  2. sageshark

    [Need Advice] Is My Site Penalized? What Do you Think?

    Hi friends, I need a quick help from you and I really appreciate your time. I want to know your opinion about one of my clients site that I am working on since past few months. This site was down for a month and a half during Nov to Dec 22. I restored it and started publishing new content and...
  3. developer1989

    [Suggestions Needed] My Close Friend had great Design Talent currently working for Peanuts

    I had a friend with very good talent on design skills(logo,banner,3D art, Intro videos and more). His main problem is he had No Degree and No English. He is working for a small company and working morethan 10 hours per day and making 20k rupees per month(nearly 270$ per month) Can someone...
  4. H

    Need Upwork Reviews

    BACKSTORY: hi there, I am a freelancer who received lots of real positive Upwork reviews, I recently had a miscommunication with 1 client and he gave me negative review, I need to restore my reputation, willing to quickly pay for a positive review. Thank you
  5. developer1989

    [Help Needed] An Indian House Wife with little English. Will She able to make money?

    Hello BHW Community, I'm doing 5-6 job and my wife is house wife. She didn't had any degree and she know little english. Will she able to make money online by doing small jobs like data entry or make money with review websites or microworkers or mturk(as it didn't allow Indians) any similar...
  6. developer1989

    [Urgent Help Needed]: No one interested on my site on Flippa

    Dear Blackhatworld Community, I listed my website on flippa on 17-Nov for $ 600 as i need some urgent money for debits. After 7 days as i didn't get any response from any buyers, so i changed the price to $ 400. Still i didn't receive any responses. Site is 5 years old and posted 52 articles...
  7. McTours

    McTours intro

    Hi all, We are a motorcycle tour operator. In the past we have engaged firms to build links only to be bitterly disappointed at the results. As I started to investigate I soon learnt that there are tools you can use to generate stories and then post there to sites. It is fairly clear to me that...
  8. V

    Hirings VA’s (virtual assistants) and need a team of 10 or more!

    I’m looking for a team of virtual assistants , mainly for video editing for social media. You need to have phenomenal editing skills. Other typical VA skills are needed. Message me, hiring now!
  9. G

    New to all of this

    wondering what are some of the more beginner methods of making money online. other than surveys and similar things. i am not looking to make millions of dollars just hoping to boost my income a little bit.
  10. William702

    [WTB] I need a custom commenting bot made.

    tl;dr = I need a simple bot made, PM me for more info if you want to make it :) To anyone that's interested. I'm looking for someone to create me a commenting bot. It should be pretty simple, but WTF do I know, I don't even have time to learn the basics. I want to be able to log in to my...
  11. thegram

    500USD/MONTH -> Move to Vietnam

    Hey! Hope you all have a awesome day! I am sitting in my 9/5 right now. And looking for some advice. Ihave been lurking around here for 1 year. I just want to say thank you to everyone who constributes to this forum and help noobs like me. I have read A LOT of journeys and money methodes. But...
  12. EloquentGentleman

    [HELP] Browser Automation Studio, Need Help Solving Recaptcha v2 ASAP

    So I have been using BAS for the past few weeks or so and absolutely love the software because of its simplicity. However, I am in a dilemma at the moment where I cannot seem to get any of my scripts to solve recaptcha whether I use capmonster2, dbc, or 2captcha. What happens is either it...
  13. of_chad

    Help needed!

    I'm facing an important problem on fiverr. I have delivered the expected delivery, but the buyer is keep cancelling the order and ask a revision every time when I deliver the work. Anybody help me please!
  14. Mandar839

    Can Anyone Will Help Me In Making Some Money

    Hey Guys Can Anyone Will Help Me To Earn Some Money Quickly Or Any Trick To Get Cashout In Paytm...
  15. MightySlav

    I email verifyed account on wrong ip...

    So i got that "unusual login attempt" thingy on account A and send code to email of that account. I went to browser and logged into IG and Email to verify but then realized i used my other accounts proxy (account B).. Now i have 2 accounts verifyed on B accounts proxy. Should i just change back...
  16. Darkweblover

    Help needed

    Any one knowing how to contact youtube support?
  17. Darkweblover

    Help needed ,from professionals

    I have 5 blogs,which i made in year 2012,but now since 2year I have stopped writing article on them. I don't know what to do with them.any suggestions? 2 blogs have over 200posts!
  18. rudrapada

    [HELP] 'Browser Automation Studio' Experts,advice needed ASAP!!!!!

    I need some advice with Browser Automation Studio,I am currently building a bot with it.i completed 90% of my bot,Help needed in some of the crucial will be complete then.These are my pain points : 1.How to solve Recaptcha 2.0 using this tool to upload images automatically to a...
  19. thehackerprotocol786

    Need a Custom Post ID Autoliker

    Hey BHW, I need an Autoliker which supports a Custom PostID autoliker. I need it for a page or a profile. I want a page/profile to recieve likes on groups/pages/events Why am I searching this : I'm figuring out something on a facebook, so that any page or profile gets authentic real hits. (like...
  20. A

    Mazar bot

    I need some help. I can pay. Is it possible to acquire this bot and use it? I need to erase a certain individuals android. This individual has decided to take up sides against me and forge conversations based off messages received from me in retaliation from being provoked. If anyone knows how...
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