url extractor

  1. X

    [GIVEAWAY] Entries Extractor - 100% Free Tool For Text Data Extraction

    Hi BHW, Small 2020 giveaway for all BHW members, both for those who are lurking and those who are registered. Entries Extractor is 100% Free Tool which allows to import URLs, Emails or different type of text lines and extract the entries based on specified criteria. If you want to extract...
  2. T

    New and Looking for FB Page advice and direction

    I am looking for some sort of Facebook Fanpage scheduler. I am interested in all but am definitely looking for something with a link extractor to then schedule to Facebook Fanpages. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I may even be interested in paying someone to build me what I need.
  3. joeiik

    How to extract url adresses from text?

    Hello, is there any addon or option in Scrapebox?
  4. Barrage

    Scrapebox plugin for removing failed urls from a complete url file

    Okey so used Scrapebox plugin Link Extractor for building my first private target list. I got on .txt file with failed urls and one .txt file with all urls, including the failed ones.I want to use the urls from failed-urls.txt and delete them from complete-url-list.txt so I only got worked ones...
  5. K

    url extractor needed. Any advice?

    I need to allocate many urls of my site in a csv file but doing it manually will take so much time I could die before finish. So do you know some tool or website (free versione if possible) that allow me to extract a certain number of urls from my site and copy that list in 2 clicks or...
  6. sfidirectory

    [GET] Free Link Extractor - by DataVoila

    Hey everyone, First of all, I haven't seen this software shared on here since I first signed up to BHW, so apologies of it has already been shared... Sometimes I need to copy and paste the HTML of a page to get link lists, and thought I would share this software. Basically you download and...
  7. jascoken

    FREE AMR Tool : Export File > URL List : Article Marketing Robot

    Happy Christmas BHW! We've just added a FREE tool for the general IM/BHW community... An AMR (Article Marketing Robot) 'Export file' URL Extractor AMR (Article Marketing Robot) is one of the most popular online marketing tools available, and for regular users, there is a constant need to...
  8. F

    How can find all URL of a website?

    hi to all i would find all URL of a site there a tool or software or some method to find all url of a website only know the name of this site?
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