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Mar 29, 2010
Hey everyone,

First of all, I haven't seen this software shared on here since I first signed up to BHW, so apologies of it has already been shared...

Sometimes I need to copy and paste the HTML of a page to get link lists, and thought I would share this software. Basically you download and install it, copy the html/data into the software interface, run a "project file", and any URLs contained in the data you copied will be displayed as a plain-text list.

The "project file", and the software required to run it, can be downloaded from http://www.datavoila.com/projects/text/extract-urls-from-a-text-regex.html. The "project file" is basically C#, so I'm sure you could run it in Visual Studio or NetBeans, but the software gives the project file a simple interface.

As the files are not my own, and can be directly accessed from someone elses site, I'm not sure if a VirusTotal scan is needed (maybe I should re-aquaint myself with BHW rules - haven't read them in nearly 3 years), but I encourage you scan the files yourself once you have downloaded them.

Project file - direct link: http://www.datavoila.com/projects/text/Extract_URLs_from_a_text_(Regex).dvp
Software required to run project file - direct link: http://www.datavoila.com/download/datavoila-setup.exe

Hope this helps anyone here :).
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