upwork acconts

  1. syphaxmail

    Upwork account 10 years old - JV

    Hi, I have 10 years old upwork account (when it was odesk and elance was separate). I have almost all 5 star reviews in email marketing, email server setup and campaign management. Due to some personal reasons I could not work on it and now want to work on JV basis. My profile usually get 1-2...
  2. Windnfire

    Upwork client account payment verefication

    Hey there, I am looking for credit card verification or rental services. I need to create client account to make orders on upwork. Is there any way to do it? Locations: Europe , US , CA Guys any thoughts bits of advice? Friendly, Daniel!
  3. Windnfire

    WTB - data of Upwork agencies

    Hi there, I want to buy data (Upwork agencies) from Europe. Looking for lead generation manager: budget 500$ Please provide me with more info if you're interested. Friendly, WnF!
  4. HashimThaqi

    UPWORK, FREELANCER.COM OR FIVER for hiring professional people?

    Hello people, I am in a search for a professional Reels and Tiktok creator, but I don't know which platform has the most professional people to work with. Anyway, which do you think can get the best job done out there and how do you find the best one, based on star reviews and so on?
  5. Cypherpunk Zero #4027

    Can I get my upwork account unbanned?

    I'm a web developer and I used upwork to make decent money. Got top rated and had many good reviews. Got lazy, let a dude use my account and he promised to give me % of the money he made. Worked well for almost 2 months and I got banned. I'm guessing they detected he's from a different...
  6. zainh332

    Upwork Reviews from aged accounts

    I'm looking for someone who can help me get reviews on upwork from aged accounts Please PM me your rate for reviews Thanks
  7. Mendelssohn

    I can buy Upwork reviews

    Hi there! I ultimately need the reviews of Upwork (5 stars). I can buy them. Additional information: You will be a client in the meantime, I will be an SEO expert, which to make an SEO audit for your website. Our messages like client and SEO expert should appearance as natural as possible...
  8. ty310

    [JV] My Aged Upwork Account and Proposals > Your work

    I am a US based digital marketer with almost a decade of agency experience. I'd like to find a partner to offer marketing services (content writing, graphic design, etc. I would be open to hearing out other ideas as well) via Upwork. We can split 50/50 if you just want to use my account. If...
  9. Windnfire

    Recover Suspended Account on Up

    Hi, We need help to recover suspended accounts on Upwork. Could anybody help to solve this for cash? Friendly, WNF!
  10. Negi Ji

    Use this trick to get your upwork account verified.

    Hey guys, The last time I had uploaded a video in my native language about this and many people told me to write the steps in English and so here are the steps:- I have does this thing to 5-6 Upwork account and all are working well without any issues in the account. It will hardly take your 5...
  11. LegitReview

    How can I make a Portfolio

    How can I make a perfect Portfolio for my freelancing profile ? I need some suggestion or reference
  12. zlatanpiao

    WTB or Rent Upwork account

    I want to buy or rent Upwork account. US, UK, EU or Australia based accounts are preferable. If you don't have created your account yet, I can help you create one.
  13. Kingpintheunsa

    Upwork Reviews Needed

    I need Upwork reviews and will be paying $4 + gig price to anyone who is interested! EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN ACCOUNTS PREFERRED. Australian would work too!
  14. DJ0927

    Upwork account needed

    I want to make a friend who can create an Upwork account and make living with me together. Is there anyone who can help me here?
  15. Ankonz

    [HQ] Giving away 5 Upwork APPROVED accounts

    Hey Guys, This is My first post at BHW . This community helps me a lot to grow my online career. That's why I want to provide a little help to this special community. I am giving away 5 Upwork approved accounts (each to one member). You must meet the following prerequisites: - A never used...
  16. SonOfBhw

    〚Wait〛I will help you to get your Upwork account approved fast

    So if you have applied for upwork and got this reply, "Thank you for submitting your application to join Upwork. As we do with everyone who wishes to join Upwork, we carefully reviewed your profile to determine whether there is sufficient need for your skills and experience in the marketplace...
  17. Joe Coleman

    Upwork Acct

    I need a verified Upwork account. Willing to pay for this. And let me know your charge,
  18. freshvns

    Upwork Account Suspended

    I just started freelancing on Upwork. But my account suspended without any reason and I couldn't get reply from their service. Anyone help? I found the ways myself as following - Create another account again (try, try) - Lend someone's account which works fine without any suspension. Post your...
  19. Mr.Chicken

    Upwork reviews thread update (2019)

    Hello! Who can provide upwork reviews on BHW? Please reply to this thread and send a DM with your price per review! Thanks.:)
  20. P

    Is it worth it to buy Upwork Reviews?

    Is it worth it to buy Upwork Reviews? have you ever had any problem doing it?
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