1. N

    Buying online account such as Chatgpt in restricted religion

    Recently, I've create a free trial Chatgpt account by fake VPN, However, I would like to update the account to Chatgpt Plus. I have tried many method and online cards to purchase but it dont work. Does anyone know how to purchase in restricted areas. I have tried wise digital card and others...
  2. Twistler

    Is Jr. VIP/Premium Worth It?

    Is Jr. VIP or Premium worth it? Jr. ViP seems to be if you are a seller but what if you're not a seller. I would love to support the forum but $100-$147 per year is alot. Also, how much do people pay for signatures? Thanks :)
  3. GrowthJunkies

    $5 for Linkedin Sales Navigator - supercharge your linkedin outreach

  4. SagarVerma

    More Payment Gateway.

    Hi Team BHW, Please add more payment gateway to pay thru BTC to upgrade account. If possible.
  5. akash80575

    [My Goal] I will grab Jr. VIP status this year. Have you recently got one?

    I am planning to get Jr. VIP status this year. Just wanted to check if your status have been upgraded recently. How is the experience?
  6. industryplant

    Being Blue: First 48

    It’s been just 24 hours since I went blue at 100 messages and it’s exciting, but what made you go blue? Are you proud of it?
  7. kellyjohn

    Reg: Upgrade

    I would like to upgrade my account but i was made the payment. After making the payment i didn't get any response. Please help me with that.
  8. Toxic Candy

    Account Upgrades Help

    I'm trying to Upgrade my account to Jr Vip, When I try to pay with PayPal it asking credit or debit card but I have none of them, Can I pay with my wallet balance ??
  9. F

    Paypal Business account

    Hey, I'm staring now my new business on shopify. So to do it i need to upgrade my paypal account to business account, the issues is there's two kind : Business account individual and Business account sole proprietorship i don't know what i have to choose and what's the differents bewtween...
  10. aslanjan

    How to upgrade my account?

    Hello! How can I upgrade an account here, get more ratings? Looking for some services. Thanks!
  11. aslanjan

    Need to upgrade my bitcointalk account. Please help!

    Hello, I am looking for people who can help me upgrading my bitcointalk account. I need merits from other members, but I can't get them. I am stuck on the Jr.Member level. Can anyone help me with this?
  12. Markus Aurelius

    Help me upgrade to Jr VIP

    I tried both PayPal and Stripe payment methods to pay for Jr VIP membership, but my transactions didn't go through every single time. @Apricot please help me in this process when you are free.
  13. G

    you should tell me why my messages s not increasing, i knw 100 posts has benefits esp when u upgrade

    may i know? i have lots of responses and posts, why i can't see addition? subtraction instead?
  14. Tech To Next

    How to Firmware Update on Sun Server (SPARC T Series)

  15. spunweb

    Using BHW is not easy

    I have been a member since 2015, about a year now. I read in this forum from time to time to get advice on using marketing tools like SENuke and such. But I have a barrier to entry here, and it has to do with the requirements needed to interact with people on this forum. 1. I need a Jr...
  16. K

    Account Upgrade question

    So to celebrate my 50 posts on the forum I want to upgrade my account to show my support to it. The question is, what's the difference between each one? (Jr VIP, Premium Member and the BHW marketplace seller)
  17. Gary Becks

    Do You Plan To Upgrade To Windows 8 - Or Stick With Windows 7?

    Went to the windows store the other day and aside from them trying to pay me to switch to Bing for search, convert me from an iPhone user to a windows phone user, they were also trying to push Windows 8 upgrades pretty hard. I'm personally going to be sticking with windows 7 until whatever the...
  18. BigFatWallet

    Upgraded to JR VIP

    Hey everyone, Just upgraded to Jr VIP because it was time to give back something to the community that has a plethora of information and has taught me a lot. :) Cheers BigFatWallet P.S. to members who haven't upgraded yet - If you can afford $97 then consider donating to this wonderful...
  19. C

    Intel Core i7-2600K Vs AMD FX-8150 vs Core i5-2500K Plz Help me!

    I Am planning to upgrade my PC and i am totally confused :confused: Please help me out guys Option 1: Intel Core i7-2600K Intel SANDY BRIDGE BOARD DH67CL 8GB ddr3 RAM 1 TB Segate HDD Hardisk Option 2: AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 AMD 990FX 8GB ddr3 RAM 1 TB Segate HDD Hardisk Option 3: Intel Core...
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