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  1. fauxhawk Facebook, datpiff mixtape increaser is newly launched site we are open for affiliate also and we are giving cheap prices especially datpiff mixtape. Starting today we are giving datpiff views for $3 per 1000 till april 2012 we are looking 5 person who can supply daily clients for datpiff mixtape and...
  2. V

    [GET] FREE Twitter Retweets - 2,469 Followers

    I am a big fan of twitter and love to share the love with all you guys, so im willing to retweet for you if you can do this for me, thanks. Twitter Stats: About vctoolsforum 3,330 - Tweets 809 - Following 2,469 - Followers 20 - Listed Post here once you have retweeted me, also say...
  3. D

    Tweetattacks prob

    hi guys please note me if im posting in the wrong section, but i have to really ask this. im using tweetattacks free version and it worked perfectly until this morning, when i tried to use it, it shows "403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it." i...
  4. B

    What is the best Twitter marketing program?

    I am interested in getting involved in some marketing using Twitter (I know, I know, I am a little late - ha!) Anyway, I am interested in details on why you think a given program is better than the others. Please give reasons, not just opinions! There are several available and many have similar...
  5. M

    Check status of thousands of twitter accounts

    Is there a program out there that can upload thousands of twitter accounts through .txt or .csv files and routinely check in a column for whether the names are "active" or "suspended"? Let me know. Thank you for your help in advance! -mediaman
  6. P

    Ideas or partners 4 @ProFootball @ProBaseball @GayDating & 1k generic twitter usernames

    I have those and @TheWorldNews on twitter, looking to them build out. I have some other cool names like electriccars, acnecure, gamedevelopers, cowboyhat, Lakerealestate, Ifreelance, publicauction, dogbreeder, cheapbooks, forsale_byowner, housePainter, domainloans, voyuers, fhaloan, msnnews...
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