Ideas or partners 4 @ProFootball @ProBaseball @GayDating & 1k generic twitter usernames

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    Dec 24, 2009
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    I have those and @TheWorldNews on twitter, looking to them build out. I have some other cool names like electriccars, acnecure, gamedevelopers, cowboyhat, Lakerealestate, Ifreelance, publicauction, dogbreeder, cheapbooks, forsale_byowner, housePainter, domainloans, voyuers, fhaloan, msnnews, pizzeria, worldsoccer, oregonlawyer (and other states), _seo_ dogclothes, childrenshoes, bumperStickers and Just about anything cool you can think of for a name, really.

    You name the coolest twitter buildout and I will find the perfect name. Try me!

    Let's build something and let's not do it 10% better but 10 times better than the other guy.

    If you would like to be hired to do a project send me your ideas and price or to team up (ie partnership with skills or investment) just send me your idea and skill set.
    I am looking to build 2000 one at a time.

    I am also looking to build a digg/twitterfeed mashup for to feed all these generic twitter usernames from various RSS at a later date.

    @spinnyglen me
    @ProBloggers me
    @ReddingNews bot + me
    @TheWorldNews bot