twitter account maker

  1. H

    How to buy 10k aged facebook and twitter account

    Hello Have nice day at all I am social midia webmarkter I have more than 10k twitter and facebook aged account from 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 and alot of other account sometimes I find account from 2005 and I work with it with fb ads so please can you help me to find a good marketplace to sell of...
  2. A

    Which Twitter Accounts Creator is Working ? Need help

    Hello BHW Members , i'm new here i hope to find help Which Twitter Accounts Creator is Still working Good With DeathbyCaptcha service and Private Proxies i test TAAC , Twitter Accounts Manger And another bots but don't work i really need working bot to buy ? with YOUR TEST
  3. saegar

    Need some tweets from different twitter accounts

    Hello folks, As the title says, I am in need of a Viral twitter marketer. Your work is to tweet the content which i provide to you from different twitter accounts. If you have Indian accounts,it would be more great. So, All i need a viral Twitter marketer. Who can make some real followers...
  4. W

    In need for atleast 50K accounts for Panel

    Hello, I'm currently developing a socialmedia panel for resellers, offering Twitter retweets, Twitter favorites, Twitter followers and the same goes for Instagram etc. However, I have no Account Creator bot nor a list full of accounts in username:password format. In order to actually launch the...
  5. C

    I need some help choosing the right twitter mass account creator

    Hey there guys, I am new in Twitter and social media I need a software that can create a lot of twitter accounts complete with bio, photos, descreption up to 300k account and will be able to follow it to some other account what software should i buy i need advice from friends and master here...
  6. T

    I want to buy bulk real-looking twitter accounts (with username/password)

    I am building a twitter bot/app for a client and I need a number of real-looking Twitter accounts to use for testing. I only need about 100-200 twitter accounts, or possibly more depending on the price and quality you can provide. When I say real-looking, I just mean that they have profile...
  7. F

    [Get] Followers + Maker + Massfollow 100% Work Twitter

    i'm give yours link Work 100% Check MassFollow Maker codadesign.***net/tools/maker.**php Thanks You Very Much :D
  8. M

    Need a Bot to create verified twitter account !

    Hi Guys, I just purchased a bot which retweet and follow user accounts. I have personally tested it with few accounts and it works flawlessly. But, I am stuck as I do not have enough twitter accounts and need a bot that can create enough accounts for me. Please suggest me some bots which can...
  9. Z

    Can anyone teach me how to make mass twitter accunts

    Can anybody teach me how to create mass twitter accounts...? I mean a bot or something which creates email accounts too.. I don't know much about proxies.. So I'd like to know that too... Thanks for your help.........
  10. kharm

    Twitter account builder

    Hello all, I need someone who knows how to use twitter tools like tweetbuddy / tweetattacks etc. to follow twitter users. So basically I'll send you a few twitter users, and you will use the software to follow these users' followers. And then unfollow after about a day. I'll pay per 500...
  11. S

    Tweet Attacks Pro Wait and Tweet function

    I'm planing to buy Tweet Attacks Pro. Now i'm using crack version But this crack version sucks. I'm wondering wait and tweet function. If i use 100 twitter accounts it's hard control all accounts. One bye one time consuming. I mean Is there automation for all accounts? If yes is there...
  12. A

    iMacros Twitter Account Creator

    Script does the following: Choose random username Fill Twitter signup form Save username/password to .txt file Pops up box for you to enter captcha Submits signup Logs out, starts process again It's great for creating a lot of accounts quickly. You only have to input captcha. VERSION...
  13. A

    Buying facebook friends

    Has someone some experience whit buying facebook friends and group fans? tx
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