I want to buy bulk real-looking twitter accounts (with username/password)

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    Jul 16, 2013
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    I am building a twitter bot/app for a client and I need a number of real-looking Twitter accounts to use for testing. I only need about 100-200 twitter accounts, or possibly more depending on the price and quality you can provide. When I say real-looking, I just mean that they have profile picture, some tweets, as well as some followers & following.

    I don't want followers, I want the actual accounts (which is why I also require the usernames/passwords for each)

    Here's what I'd like for the accounts, if possible:
    Have profile photo/header image
    Have bio/description
    Location: I would really like it if these accounts are from Canada (some from US is acceptable, but majority should be Canadian)
    At least 50 tweets, 50 followers, and following 50 accounts

    I can also provide proxy if you are creating from scratch (this is so accounts won't get banned/suspended when used)

    If anyone can do this, I am very interested in chatting. Again, I require the usernames & passwords for these accounts so that I can have control over them for testing.

    Thank you in advance for any help! :D
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    add me on skype have about 10k real people accounts elel.82