twitter account bot

  1. Y

    Twitter bot

    Hello guys, we are searching for a Twitter bot that would target accounts, hashtags, geolocation and send dm scripts to our new followers. Or at least something similar to this. Any suggestions?
  2. M

    Mother / Child for multiple accounts crypto / nft focused

    hopefully, this is allowed to post. I was looking at doing the mother/child method but to make it look good and keep it high quality was considering trying to split costs or accounts with multiple people. Let's say I hire someone full time overseas for 2k a month and they are setting up the...
  3. 420Trillium

    Looking for mass Twitter DM'ing

    As the title suggests looking for ways to send mass DM's on Twitter for our crypto project. Preferably can target certain #'s / acc niches. Thanks
  4. 4ry4n

    [Question] Is there a way to create an automated twitter bot army?

    I have always been wondering, Could I theoretically have my own bot army on twitter so I could push my own "narrative" like troll farms/armies do?
  5. J

    How to make money with twitter accounts

    I have about 200 twitter accounts which most of them are bot not real humans. With the list what can I do to make money? Please advise me. Thank you in advance.
  6. dillywilly

    links in twitter accounts question (100+ accounts)

    Hey everyone , i have 100 accounts warmed up and running on very safe settings , my question is how can i add links into tweet replies/ bio safely without risking my accounts being tied to each other has anyone tried using bitly pro and then setting up a pre-lander or like a cloaker page where...
  7. mainceaft

    Does Social platform uses random ranking method !

    In short two days ago I post a link on one of my Twitter account and surprisely that link got immediately 2.5k impression and ~250 click lol , that account had 1 follower and left it idle for a year , i have other accounts ~5-7 years old and one of the them bring me more than 20 clicks at best...
  8. H

    organic twitter growth?

    New to twitter marketing looking forward to growing accounts organically/any safe way possible as I see many people are getting their account banned. All information is valuable to me :)
  9. anamul365

    PVA Soft Reg Account

    Hello, Everybody I am try find out how to software created automatic gmail, yahoo, facebook other social networking account. But i failed to find proper software. No one software work properly. But when i am surfing web i saw there are many website offer soft reg account. so how it is possible...
  10. interstellar$$$

    Best Twitter tool?

    Hello Everyone , i want to manage 100-150 Twitter accounts and done activity on them simultaneously. which tool is best for managing bulk accounts?
  11. D

    Twitter Source Help

    Hello all! Im having a hard time finding Good Sources for Jarvee, my niche is english sports betting any advice, website's, tools or feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  12. Stardew

    [Journey] Chaturbate + Twitter to survive on a third world country

    Hey guys, I am a 17 year old, trying to make his first bucks online, for that, I will use the good old method of Twitter + Chaturbate :) Might need some help since I am a newbie. What I´ve done so far: Created an account 1 month ago, I am promoting a Chaturbate model who doesn´t have a...
  13. M

    Twitter Bots for RETWEET/LIKES

    Hi, is there any SMM Panel existent in the earth which are delivering Twitter Retweets instantly (or in few minutes)? I added funds in lot of SMM panels which just scammed me and didn't delivered my Retweets and didn't gave my money back. Or just a bot which can RT or LIKE? Obviously I am...
  14. NetForceOne

    Best way to autofollow tweet commenters/retweet

    Hi I'd like to follow all the accounts who retweeted and commented on tweets of a specific user. Whats the best tool?
  15. colton kopacz


    What's up BHW! Back in 2016 I used to own 4 "TweetDecks", each with 20-50 accounts linked. I used the decks to promote rap & hip-hop mostly, and I would generate roughly 20-30 million impressions per-month, before Twitter banned the act of mass retweeting using TweetDeck. (I also lost like 5...
  16. Cloud Pants

    Jarvee for twitter always show INITIALIZING.

    Starting from May 1,the Jarvee can not run any twitter acc,whether it's new or old interface. Jarvee always show INITIALIZING account,it can not follow,unfollow and posting. the support did not provide valuable help, just let me return to the old interface. Has anyone else reported such a...
  17. TheWiredOnces

    Any Twitter expert here ?!

    Thanks for taking your time . can you guys please tell me how can i overlay link over the video in twitter( just like the photo) ? Please check the photo thanks again
  18. whiteroot

    free software: Scrap available usernames on social sites

    Social Usernames Scraper works with: Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr NB: Mod confirmed a VT link is not necessary, as source code is provided
  19. nickthestranger

    Looking to hire private SMM service, not a panel

    I have been using different SMM panels for a few years now and the unreliability and lack of quality in the accounts has really started to effect our business and client retention. I have a select group of clients that use us and expect services in an ongoing "organic" growth way. I am looking...
  20. W

    Help on twitter retweets

    Hello guys, i recently joined a Twitter contest where the winner will be decided by the highest number of retweet any person can get on a particular post. Is there a way to manoeuvre my way to the user with the most retweets? I really need help here...