tube toolbox

  1. G

    New Tube Toolbox anytime soon?

    Tube Toolbox was the best program for marketing YouTube, hands down. I was averaging +50 subs a day, all engaging... it was great. Now its no longer functional. Does anyone have another program like it? One that stull works? I specifically want the ability to endlessly post messages on peoples...
  2. P

    Doe TubeToolbox still work? (or any kind of followback or private messaging)

    I read tons of testimonials before buying it, but after using it to sub to others with a HQ vid in the same genre as my featured vid, I have near zero followback. I did the same thing with twitter, and the followback is HUGE. I'm thinking YT changed something since all those testimonials were...
  3. T

    Tube Automator vs. Tube Tool Box

    New to the forum and just saw a post in here about Tube Automator. I currently have Tube Tool Box, has anyone used both? Are they fairly similar? Can you let me know your thoughts on which one is better?
  4. L

    [GET] Tube Pusher Gold Free!!!

    Send over 3,000 messages a day 4 Messages per minute Multi-Account usage 1 Account usage (Slow) Thumbs down videos Thumbs up videos Subscribe to a users with all accounts desired amount of times Skips mobile phone add Skips policy page Faster!!! Using the multi account options and...
  5. M

    Add your gathered user lists!

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread like this already. I thought it would be a good idea if we all added our large gathered lists here for use in youtube blasting programs (tubeflow, toolbox, etc.). Here are two (I have more on other computers), the first is about 50k subs from nigahiga and...
  6. raygun3001

    Tube Toolbox Gathering Subscribers [QUEST]

    Tube Toolbox is not gathering about ALL pages of results when you set the "Max Pages to Gather" EXAMPLE If you browse to the subscribers of a user that has 19789 subscribers and try to gather all of the subscribers, Tube Toolbox will only gather about 1,033. YouTube will not let you view past...
  7. J

    Tube Toolbox Alternative - Is there one?

    I've been questioning whether I should invest upon a bot as such to promote my channel, a bot such as Tube Toolbox. The channel just needs this initial kick, and I'm sure it will take off. This would be resourceful to those like me who would not like to pay the 100, and instead be in control...
  8. J

    Similar Tool to Tube Toolbox but Cheaper?

    Is there a similar tool to Tube Toolbox available that is cheaper? (no monthly fees)
  9. shudogg

    Do You Have TubeToolbox? If So Please Read!

    I have TubeToolbox, and I am having an issue adding messages. Whenever I go to leave messages on videos, then I click "Add Message". It asks for title and the message. No matter what, it will not store the message I put in!!! So if you have TubeToolbox and this feature works for you, could...
  10. B

    Tube Toolbox Questions/Concerns

    Hey folks, I've obtained a copy of Tube Toolbox. Now I know of the potentials for this if you work with multiple machines and proxies but for my use it's more about getting visitors to a channel that I value and don't want to see banned. I realize that there's a certain risk when using any...
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