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    Hey folks,

    I've obtained a copy of Tube Toolbox. Now I know of the potentials for this if you work with multiple machines and proxies but for my use it's more about getting visitors to a channel that I value and don't want to see banned.

    I realize that there's a certain risk when using any automated software but I'm trying to play it really safe, if there is such a thing.

    - I send only friend requests and auto subscribe... no commenting.
    - I have the following limits: 1min 58secs minimum, 2mins 29secs max

    Is this ok? And would it be safe to keep this running 24/7? I mean - what if YouTube is smart enough to for example determine that no human could possibly be sending invites in such a regular fashion over the period of many days/weeks? As in, is it possible that if all else fails, YouTube operates with a script that determines that 'this account is acting according to the limits but the person behind it does not seem to ever sleep and thus he must be using automated software so we'll ban him'. Or would they simply assume that multiple people may have access to the account, so even if it smells fishy, there's just no good reason to do anything about it.

    Small digression here;
    I played WoW for years and I remember that Blizz seemed to be somewhat incapable of acting on the boters. Yes, the GMs would clearly see when someone was boting but for legal purposes and for the sake of just staying on the safe side - they didn't want to risk banning REAL people - they were in the big picture kind of limited as to what they could do or not. This is the core of the problem with the boters in WoW. Inability to act because of insufficient evidence.

    It's enough for me to just keep things running with somewhat low limits.. I have no need for 15 accounts (atm) running on different machines with rotating proxies. But I value the account I'm trying to promote and I'm just trying to cover all the basics.. I'm willing to accept a 20% risk that my account gets banned but nothing more than that. Thanks for reading, any feedback is appreciated.