1. sonyhp

    Traffic Spirit IPTS traffic bot - Trojan:Win32/CryptInject!ml

    When I tried running a fresh downloaded Traffic Spirit IPTS traffic bot, windows defender detected a "Trojan:Win32/CryptInject!ml." The bot was downloaded from it's official web site ipts dot com. Does any experience the same?
  2. SeedPhrase

    Help me to remove Trojan

    Hi, my Bros, I have a PHP script, that's very hard to find. that script contains 2 trojan files. can anyone help me to remove trojan? :)
  3. Faisal ShaQ

    I Need a adfly bot proxy bot ( No Trojen)

    I Need a adfly bot proxy bot ( No Trojen) if anyone can supply let me know iam willing to pay 5$ paypal. I am not Requesting bot programming i am just asking for a legit bot from the internet. i know their is a working bot out their i had it 6 months ago but now i cant find it. all are trojen...
  4. iNVENT

    PPI - Is it legal?

    Is generating money from PPI Network/Service Legal? as it involves installing malware or trojan (generally) Like for example, this website is filled with fake download buttons - If it's illegal how come people doesn't seem to get into any trouble over it? Would love to hear your guys...
  5. TheDemne

    Trojan in Nulled Wordpress Theme

    Hey Guys, I wanted to install a nulled wordpress theme on my website. Today I scanned the file and there we go, virustotal found a detection. The resul is: TrojanDownloader.JS.avhq Here is the report...
  6. T

    How to make 4231.98$ in 72.48 hours by cheating your community. Only 5 steps!!!

    Hi, Long time I had not visited BHW. I dig this forum and this is what I learned since 2 weeks. I'm glad to share with you : 'How to make 4231.98$ in 72.48 hours at home before your girlfriend turn crazy : Promotion : ***send me 555 $ and I share with you the technic without...
  7. J

    Anybody else getting Followliker and Tweetdemon quarantined by Microsoft? (trojan warning)

    I use Followliker and TweetDemon, and recent updates are getting refused by my installation of Microsoft Security Essentials (it's an anti-virus/basic security package from Microsoft). It's saying they contain "severe" risk trojans. At first I just thought maybe there were some false positives...
  8. seoscrachiers

    Need help! a virus attack

    Hi, I am rohit. Today when i opened a email (which was a spam ) all pictures,text files, sql files and many more files are automatically got encrypted. And now when i try to open them i got a message to buy their software named crptowall. Have any body heard or faced it. please help me i am...
  9. N

    Ninja Blaster full of trojans?

    Hi guys, i was using Ninja Blaster for a while already and was totally satisfied with it, but today my av program poped some weird notifications and so i decided to check it. I let scan the files NinjaDB, NinjaKey and NinjaLocalFile by virustotal and you can see the results below.... While...
  10. deathx01

    mywebsearch 302 found

    This website that seem to be related to been spread by trojan/spyware and have been on top ten for search in a lot of country(Alexa proof) . But all the country are touch , except china ;). I dont know but there's something huge behind that. I want to ear what you think of that. mywebsearch com...
  11. Madruga

    [Method] Make Money with Virus/Worm/etc Removal Sites + CPA Content Locker

    If you are a tl;dr guy, skip this thread As you well know, not all anti-virus softwares can do their job; some people doesn't even have one installed, and the list of why their computer was infested, can be unlimited; not to mention that not everybody who owns a computer, knows the difference...
  12. S

    sandboxIE usefull - and not

    Its nice to use it on single exe's but what if you have to install a program then copy a crack over. Or if you have a prog that needs some project info and you want it to be used next time again.. once you close it, its all gone. Would it be safe to install a prog without sboxie and then just...
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