traffic arbitrage

  1. R

    AdSense Ad Limit for Taboola Traffic

    I got aad limit for 3 of my AdSense accounts. 90%+ Traffic source is from taboola. it's been More than a month still the ad limit is still there. Any solution?
  2. mamarang

    how to setup bemob for ad arbitrage?

    Hi all, How do I set up bemob tracking for ad arbitrage? I only have experience with CPA tracking. For example: let's say I want to buy traffic from popads and sell it to popcash. I believe, not many ad networks will have postback capability for publishers. Is it possible? or should I stick to...
  3. M

    Traffic arbitrage, affiliate marketing.

    Hello, is there any mediabuyers who works in teams from Europe? And who can tell me how traffic arbitrage works in EU?
  4. GringoMonkey

    ● [METHOD] ● Article Arbitrage: How to Earn $1000+ for Each Article You Publish

    Have you ever wondered how to maximise the value of every article you publish? Discover Below the 7 Steps I follow to Earn $1000+ for Each Article I Publish on My Own Website You may or may not know that before I moved into IM I worked for a UK national newspaper and various international...
  5. bankzzz

    Does Traffic Arbitrage work in 2021| CPM?

    I have seen several times now that traffic arbitrage works for many people but I am not sure if it will still be like this in 2021? If so a little explanation would be great! Thanks! :)
  6. ZhuzhaSuka

    Crypto/FX Affiliation

    Hey guys, welcome aboard :cool: I'm simple guy, who working in Forex company for a long time, recently working few years as affiliate manager. I've started my own affiliation for generating traffic for such companies as mine. Already tried Facebook and Google ads advertisement, but as you know...
  7. Patchy420

    Traffic arbitrage/ adsense arbirage dead or alive?

    Are people still making profits using traffic arbitrage? Screenshots would be amazing
  8. mofo

    How much money can you make with a quiz site?

    On average, how much money can a quiz site make with ads?
  9. GypsyPB

    Experience with shinez io affiliate program

    Hi I came across this site and have been following them for a while now they say that partners make a good profit from creating traffic to their sites Does anyone have experience and can tell about it?
  10. skynex66

    My PTP / Pop Traffic, Your Monetization

    If you are having difficulty buying traffic at verry low price and you have good converting landingpages / offers this maybe the JV for you. Traffic is from POP, PTC, PTP and other sources I can send sample of traffic for 24 hours after that I would be looking for a 50/50 split of the profits...
  11. Flamingo1

    Video Traffic arbitrage

    Hi, Since there is a large number of traffic arbitrage interests here the post is in good hands. I want to deal with video traffic arbitrage. In more detail 1) Purchase video traffic for Videos in Websites. (Non YT Videos) 2) Prevent bot traffic 1) Which platforms would you prefer? I know you...
  12. Ali Mekebret

    My journey challenge to earn 1k/month with AdSense arbitrage 2019

    Hi guys AdSense Arbitrage 2020 I am new to this forum and I have never worked online before. I have been reading on e-marketing and blogging for a year. I am very glad that I discovered this forum by chance. It's a real treasure for me. Thank you for watching. Sorry for my bad...
  13. Taktikal

    The Complete Journey to a Profitable Quiz Site - Zero to Hero?

    Welcome to my journey where I'll focus on building a profitable Quiz site! These sites seem to be all the rage. You've probably seen similar journeys that are popping up – here, here, and here. Given the hype, I want to try my hand at building one and seeing just how profitable these quiz...
  14. Notion

    Journey to $100/Day with Quiz Sites | 2019 - 2020

    Welcome to my journey thread! Given the hype around quiz sites, I have decided this method a try and test my skills at building one. I want to thank @jamesdarby108 and @se900se for being my motivators in getting started with this. Here's what I have so far: • Purchased the Quizé Plugin from...
  15. B

    Traffic Arbitrage Manager Wanted

    Searching for one or more Traffic Arbitrage Manager that can handle campaigns, ads, networks for our content websites and manage it. Only serious people with experience (that can prove it) in buying and managing traffic, media and arbitrage with: Taboola Facebook Google RevContent Outbrain...
  16. D

    [METHOD] How To Build Profitable Quiz Site With $0 Investment

    What this about: Building a Quiz website monetized with display ads and social media traffic. Quizzes generate 10x more page views and ad impressions, therefore bring higher revenue vs other content websites. What will you need: - Domain - Hosting - WP - Theme - Quiz Plugin - Content -...
  17. D

    [Long Read] Why You Fail with AdSense and How to Make Money With AdSense

    Why You Fail with AdSense Many publishers fail with AdSense because they expect a lot from AdSense and think that AdSense is the best and highest paying ad network available. A lot of those who just starting, think that it's enough to put ads on the site to start making money. Unfortunately...
  18. P

    Traffic Arbitrage ROI Calculation?

    Can anyone share Traffic Arbitrage ROI Calculation? If i buy traffic 0.10/click then for 1000 clicks it's 100$. Suppose My average CPM is 3.50$ for all ads on my site. Suppose got 3% click on adsense 9clicksx0.10c = 0.90 earning amount 3.50 + 0.90 = 4.4$. Invest 100$ and earning 4.4$ ? How to...
  19. D

    Making Money with Ad & Traffic Arbitrage

    My previous thread about Traffic Arbitrage was closed (I asked someone to provide email, which is against forum rules), but I still receive a bunch of messages from BHW users about my thread and asking questions about their sites and conducting business. Therefore I decided to open this thread...
  20. ahmedEL

    [Help] Facebook ads experts

    Hi Im trying to promote my blog posts using facebook ads but Im stuck at targeting because im working on viral content website and my articles are broad can't target a specific audience examples of my articles : 10 objects ...... 20 amazing uses of "something" .. Should I have target my...
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