tracking script

  1. R

    Ecommerce blog probs

    Sup BHW, I have my site Magentoento and a blog in WordPress. I have to GA accounts (one for each) and my Magento GA account isn't picking up WordPress. Should I use the same tracking ID in Magento and GA? What are the best practices in your experience? Thanks everyone!
  2. I


    Hello Everyone, I want to open a simple normal website you can say CPA NETWORK , I will add CPA OFFERS from other networks and just put it under my network e.g. I have 15 pubs in my network I will add offers by my own and when user will login in my network they will see only stats and earnings...
  3. Z

    PPV Extreme Tracking?

    Hi guys, Just wondering.. Regarding PPV.. Is there a way to track referrer URL and a click on the Landing Page? Without an "intermediate" page (containing tracking javascript) or a destination URL... Example: I embed the Google Search bar on my landing page. Thus, there's no "intermediate"...
  4. JohnsonDaniel

    [SHARE] Set up postbacks for conversion tracking. No Tracking = No Money!

    As the title says, if you don't track, you will lose money, it's a well-known fact by everyone who IS making money. This thread may not be in the correct section - MODS, PLEASE MOVE IF SHOULD BE SOMEWHERE ELSE Some history... I have found CLP users asking how they would send a postback from a...
  5. blackma

    Advice needed on how to track leads!!!

    I have been approached by a leading Irish insurance company and they have explained that they would like to advertise on my site but only want to pay per lead. I would like to have their banner on my site and then track any people who go to their site and get a quote from them. They have a...
  6. wideweb

    Cloaking And Tracking

    Hi Is it possible to cloak an affiliate link on your server using the php redirect code and still set up tracking? Besides using tracking 202, is there any other free tool to track conversion for CPA offers? This is the code am using for my re-direction <?php header("Location...
  7. Orebil

    What do you want in a cloaker?

    I'm working on a link cloaking project and want to know what everyone is interested in. I will be providing free accounts to BHW members. Here's what I have so far: General Works with any domain / subdomain / path Full tracking Unlimited rules for each link SSL support Double meta...
  8. sugarwillis

    How To Monitor ROI On Each & Every keyword

    Hi there people, finally its time for me to leap into paid advertising utilizing the passive income from videos and articles. Can someone please shed some light on the best methods for tracking ROI on each and every keyword from withing PPC campaigns. To date my income is generated using...
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