tracking pixel

  1. rockshuvo

    [Need Help] Affiliate Sales Tracking

    is there any free tracking system available? search on google or youtube everywhere is paid tracking system.
  2. B

    Binom Tracking FB Campaigns

    Hey BHW, just switched over to Binom as a tracking platform and setting it up has been a shit show. Does anyone have any familiarity w/ campaign configuration on this platform? Everything seems to track, but only when I go directly thru my lander and the network can't get a test transaction...
  3. T

    Leadpages & Facebook Ads Tracking Question

    My client is using the ?Jeff Walker Pre Launch Content Pages? in Leadpages. He published the leadpage to his site ( via the WP plugin. We are sending Facebook ads traffic the root domain (, which is an squeeze page. After they option we take them to the first video...
  4. Z

    PPV Extreme Tracking?

    Hi guys, Just wondering.. Regarding PPV.. Is there a way to track referrer URL and a click on the Landing Page? Without an "intermediate" page (containing tracking javascript) or a destination URL... Example: I embed the Google Search bar on my landing page. Thus, there's no "intermediate"...
  5. JohnsonDaniel

    [SHARE] Set up postbacks for conversion tracking. No Tracking = No Money!

    As the title says, if you don't track, you will lose money, it's a well-known fact by everyone who IS making money. This thread may not be in the correct section - MODS, PLEASE MOVE IF SHOULD BE SOMEWHERE ELSE Some history... I have found CLP users asking how they would send a postback from a...
  6. E

    Third Party Tracking

    Hello i am running a CPA Network. for this i need 3rd party tracking services or any software. i cant relay on my tracking software service. Because i have got multi fraud leads using their service. i am waiting for your reply. Thanks and also waiting for your replys
  7. mystery

    CB PPC Order Page Tracking Pixel

    Ok, when doing ppc, with cpa networks, I can ask them to place my special trac-king-2-0-2 tracking pixel on the post-order page, so that it can help my tracking service to tell me which keywords were responsible for the sales. How are you guys doing it with CB? Should I contact them too, the CB...
  8. host32

    what the heck is this tracking pixel that CickBooth is asking about ?!

    Guys :confused::confused::confused: what the heck in the world is that tracking pixel thing that clickbooth is asking about ?? i'm not doing PPC at all and i don't know what is tracking pixel ! they said that they approved me but they can't activate my account till i send them this thing...
  9. mystery

    Supporting Google Conversion Tracking

    Ok, so most of the networks support google conversion tracking and can provide us info on which keywords produced the sales and such. The problem is that I've setup my landing pages with my own links that redirect to the aff link. This of course allows me to do some little tracking and may...
  10. U

    Urgent Newbie Question Tracking Pixel

    Hi I just got accepted by clickbooth, but before they activate my account they want me send them a tracking pixel because I said I do Search Marketing. I have been accepted to other CPA Networks such as Never Blue,Azoogle,Clix Galore, maxbounty and sharesale. Can I use a tracking pixel from...
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